Facebook’s new name?Critics shout smoke and mirrors

Facebook critics Wednesday in a report that social networks are planning to rename themselves, claiming that they may be trying to distract from recent scandals and controversies. Rushed into.

According to a report from the tech news website The Verge, which Facebook refused to confirm, the embarrassed company sought to show its ambition to be more than a social media site.

However, a self-proclaimed activist group, the Real Facebook Oversight Board, has warned that major industries such as oil and tobacco have changed their brand name to “distract” from the problem.

“Facebook believes that rebranding will help change the subject,” the group’s statement said, adding that the real problem is the need for surveillance and regulation.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone told AFP: “No comments and I haven’t checked The Verge’s report.”

The Verge cites an unnamed source, saying that the name reflects Facebook’s efforts to build the “Metaverse,” a virtual reality version of the Internet that tech giants see as the future. Stated.

Facebook announced on Monday plans to hire 10,000 people in the European Union to build the Metaverse, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg emerging as a key proponent of the concept.

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This announcement comes as Facebook addresses the impact of damaging scandals, the massive outage of services, and the growing regulatory demands to curb Facebook’s significant impact.

The company has been criticized for the past month after former employee Frances Haugen leaked an internal investigation showing that Facebook knows its site can be harmful to youth mental health. Faced a storm.

Washington post Last month, Facebook’s interest in the Metaverse was suggested as “part of a broader push to restore the company’s reputation to policy makers and relocate Facebook to shape the regulation of the next wave of Internet technology.” ..

Silicon Valley analyst Benedict Evans argued that the rebranding would ignore the underlying issues of the platform.

“If you give a new name to a broken product, people will soon find that the new brand has the same problem,” he tweeted.

“A better’rebranding’approach is usually to fix the problem first and then create a new brand that reflects the new experience,” he added.

Google changed its brand name as an alphabet in the 2015 corporate restructuring, but despite other businesses such as Waymo self-driving cars and Verily Life Sciences, the driving force behind online search and advertising remains its definitional unit. is.

Facebook’s new name?Critics shout smoke and mirrors

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