Facebook shelves Instagram plans for kids

Facebook has announced that it will suspend plans for a special version of Instagram for children ages 10-12.

The move will come later The Wall Street Journal The article accused Facebook of ignoring and concealing evidence of harm done to teenagers, especially girls, by Instagram.

According to this article, Facebook’s internal presentation states that of the teenage social media users who reported suicidal ideation, 13% of UK users and 6% of US users tracked the issue to Instagram. ..

In another presentation in 2019, “one in three teenage girls is exacerbating body image problems,” he added in a later slide deck: I feel sick. “

Facebook described the article’s allegations as “a terribly false motivation for Facebook’s leadership and employees” and “a deliberate misunderstanding.”

But as Facebook faces criticism from different angles, this article has brought more and more scrutiny to the dark side of social media. This issue has attracted the attention of US politicians from both sides of the political division. They have already been critical of Facebook for a variety of other factors, some of which have asked the company to abandon Instagram for Kids directly.

Succumbing to pressure, Facebook said in a statement Monday that it would “re-evaluate” the project.

“We believe it’s right to build Instagram Kids, but Instagram and its parent, Facebook, will reassess the project at a later date. Temporarily, Instagram will continue to be a teenager safe. And focus on expanding parental supervision. Features for teens. “

Children under the age of 13 aren’t supposed to use Instagram, but many kids lie about their age. The new product planned, informally known as Instagram for Kids, is aimed at children aged 10-12 and may give parents some control over their use.

However, a similar Facebook product, Messenger Kids, turned out to be vulnerable to abuse by strangers who were able to enter the chat room.

Facebook said the app doesn’t advertise in the opposite of the normal business model, but of course, users and theirs that kids can use to target users as they move into the company’s ad-driven products. Collect data about relationships.

After the fanfare of its first announcement earlier this year, the company steadily receded its plans for Instagram for Kids as many people, including parents and lawmakers, lined up to take potshots.

In April, the Advocacy Group’s Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood told CEO Mark Zuckerberg that Instagram for Kids would create a “challenge for youth privacy and well-being.”

Welcomed Facebook’s announcement to delay the development of Instagram for Kids, US House of Representatives Lori Trahan and Senator Richard Blumenthal said in a statement that the project should be abandoned forever.

“We’re pleased to hear that Facebook has listened to our call to stop moving forward with plans to launch a version of Instagram for kids, but” pause “isn’t enough.

“Facebook has completely lost the benefit of doubt when it comes to protecting young people online and must abandon this project altogether.”

Facebook shelves Instagram plans for kids

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