Facebook bans Signal from attempting to run transparent Instagram advertising campaigns

Image: Signal

Signal, an encrypted instant messaging app, runs a series of Instagram ads, how much data the social media platform and its parent company Facebook collect about users and how that data is used to push targeted ads. I tried to display. However, the attempt was soon terminated by Facebook, Signal said in a blog post.

Signal explained how he created some targeted ads that featured his own brand and would say so if the ads were used to target K-pop fans. Or, if the user was a teacher, it would look like that.

“We have created a multi-variant targeted ad designed to display personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access,” Signal said.

“Ads simply displayed some of the information gathered about the viewers used by the advertising platform. Facebook wasn’t interested in that idea.

“Facebook is willing to market visibility into people’s lives unless they tell people how their data is being used. Transparency about how advertising uses people’s data. Keeping is clearly enough to be banned. In the Facebook world, the only acceptable usage is to hide what you are doing from your audience. ”

Signal recently gained a lot of new users after Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced new terms and conditions that could possibly share user profile data with Facebook. The new terms will come into effect on May 15.

According to mobile ad analytics App Annie, Signal became the fastest growing app in the first quarter of 2021.

Last month, Signal announced that it is possible to get arbitrary code execution via the Cellebrite tool. The tool is used to retrieve data from a phone owned by the user.

Signal CEO Moxie Marlinspike said Cellebrite “has a lot of opportunities for abuse” and thought that Cellebrite should be more careful when creating forensic tools.

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Facebook bans Signal from attempting to run transparent Instagram advertising campaigns

Source link Facebook bans Signal from attempting to run transparent Instagram advertising campaigns

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