Evers of Wisconsin are looking for a stimulus to anger over abortion

MADISON, WIS. – Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers hopes to turn US Supreme Court anger over Rowe’s repeal of Wade into a vote this fall as he vows to fight a 173-year state ban on abortion, including offering a pardon. of any convicted doctor, not the appointment of prosecutors to enforce the ban.

Evers, who won the state election on the battlefield four years ago by just over 1 percentage point, told the Associated Press ahead of his appearance at the Democratic convention in Wisconsin on Saturday that abortion would give energy to key independent voters to support it. the other Democrats.

“Every time you take half the people in Wisconsin and make them second-class citizens, I have to believe there will be a reaction to that,” Evers said.


At a rally on the Saturday before Congress, Evers said: “I have seven granddaughters who are girls or young women. Yesterday they were turned into second class citizens and that is (insult).

The Wisconsin governor race is expected to be one of the most difficult in the country this year. This is a priority for Democrats, given the importance of the swing state of Wisconsin in the 2024 presidential election. Evers is also the only thing standing in the way of the Republican-controlled legislature. In his first term, he vetoed more than any other governor in modern history.

Democrats fighting Republican Sen. Ron Johnson will also speak at a congress in La Crosse on Sunday. Five Republicans are fighting for a chance to face Evers. The primary election in Wisconsin is August 9.


About 1,000 people attended the congress, which began on Saturday night.

Evers told the AP that he believes abortion will be a winning issue for his party, as polls consistently show that about 60 percent of Wisconsin residents support it being legal in most or all cases.

“You can’t ignore the fact that we now have politicians who make decisions about women and their health,” Evers said. – So we will talk a lot about it.

Evers promised to do everything possible to avoid the US ban on abortion, which was passed in 1849, but did not take effect after Rowe v. Wade in 1973. This includes supporting lawsuits to lift it, not appointing district prosecutors to enforce it and offering pardon to doctors convicted under it.


“We’re reviewing everything,” he said.

Wisconsin Republican Chairman Paul Farrow said Evers’ position on abortion was only attractive to “his activist base and goes against the will of the people.” He downplayed the significance of the court’s decision on the election.

“All they really did yesterday was that 50 years ago, an activist bench made a decision that was unconstitutional and implemented it, so they’re correcting that,” Farrow said. “Has this changed in the political landscape before?” There is a standard that people have. Republicans know we’re for life.

In addition to abortions, Evers said his re-election campaign and his message to Democrats will focus on the successes of his first term, including using federal money to fix roads and support small businesses. Evers said he would also emphasize what is at stake if Republicans win, “including voter suppression and the right to vote.”


Evers is a supporter of the Wisconsin bipartisan commission that oversees the election, but all of his Republican opponents want to eliminate that. Evers also vetoed a series of bills that would make it difficult for absentees to vote in the state.

President Joe Biden won Wisconsin with about 21,000 votes, a result that some Republicans refused to accept, despite enduring two counts, numerous lawsuits, an independent audit and even a review by a conservative group.

Republicans hope to curb discontent with gas prices, inflation and crime to defeat Evers.

No governor from the same party as the incumbent president has won an election in Wisconsin since 1990. A study by Market University Law School showed this week that Evers is slightly ahead of his Republican contenders, while Johnson is almost equal to any Democrat. who fights against it.

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Evers of Wisconsin are looking for a stimulus to anger over abortion

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