Eva Mendes’ daughter complains that she is calling too much

Shortly after Larry King’s death was announced on Saturday, January 23, Piers Morgan was accused on social media in a Twitter tribute to veteran journalists.

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Initially, Morgan only shared a picture of King and the words “RIP Larry King, 87 years old. The Legend of Television.” However, he followed up the post with tweets accused of being “terrible,” “tasteless,” and “rude.”

The· Tweet Mentioning the bad blood between the two that began after Morgan was given King’s slot on CNN in 2011, he changed King’s “Larry King Live” from 1985 to 2010 to “Pierce Morgan Live.” I did. It also included the excavation of King’s multiple marriages.

“Larry King was my hero until we dropped out after I replaced him on CNN. He said my show was like watching my mother-in-law cross the new Bentley cliff. “It’s a thing,” Morgan’s second tweet began. “(He was a mother-in-law expert because he got married eight times), but he was a great broadcaster and a great TV interviewer.”

Twitter was so frustrated with this post that users criticized him for turning the death of the TV icon into an opportunity for self-promotion and insult, and Morgan’s name began to become a fad on the platform temporarily.

“It’s no wonder he fell with you. Look at you trying to gain fame for five minutes through past associations,” one user wrote in a comment.

“Who does it on the day someone dies?” Asked another person.

Many of Morgan’s media associates were also offended.

BET host Mark Lamont told Morgan that his tweet was “tasteless” and said, “Why do you take personal shots at times like this? Say something kind or nothing. Please do not always have.[s] It. “

Writer Dave Gujibowski commented, “What a ridiculous, rude tweet.”

Others dragged Morgan as self-serving and inappropriate. However, some of the fans of the co-host of “Good Morning Britain” defended him.

“This is honest and you still found a way to keep respecting it. I appreciate it. I hate fakes,” one wrote in a comment.

Morgan agreed with the compliment.

“Me too,” he wrote. “Larry hated me to replace him on CNN and never kept it secret. I thought he was very sad because he was one of my heroes. Still, he It’s a great broadcaster and I think he was one of the best in television history. “

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According to data collected by Wikipedia, “Larry King Live” was CNN’s “most watched and longest-running program.”

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan Live was canceled due to a steadily declining reputation in 2014, just three years after its premiere.

King has won two Peabody Awards, one Emmy Award and about 12 CableACE Awards in his nearly 50-year career, but died after being admitted to Los Angeles for complications from Covid-19.

He has been fighting multiple health problems in recent years, including heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and lung cancer. King was 87 years old.

Eva Mendes’ daughter complains that she is calling too much

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