EU requires USB-C charging for all phones, Apple disagrees

The EU is encouraging legislation requiring all mobile phones, tablets, and various other consumer devices to be standardized with USB-C as a universal standard charging specification.

In addition, the charger must be sold separately from the device rather than bundled as it is today, harmonizing fast charging technology and allowing the charger to be completely replaced.

The move is designed to reduce the amount of e-waste generated by unused chargers and cables, with associated lifecycle emissions of about 600-900 kilotons of CO2, according to the European Commission. Equivalent. Committee (EC) research.

The average consumer owns three chargers for mobile devices. According to the EC, about half of all chargers sold with mobile phones in the EU in 2018 have a USB micro-B connector, 29% use a USB-C connector and 21% use Lightning. I did.

The EU also states that standardizing USB-C will save European consumers about 250 million euros annually.

Affected devices include all smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers, handheld video game consoles sold in the EU, but small devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers and earphones. not.

MEP has been promoting compatible charging of mobile devices for over a decade, and today’s announcement is not surprising. The number of charging options has dropped from 30 in 2009 (a few years after the introduction of the iPhone) to today’s three (USB-C, USB micro-B, Apple’s Lightning). But progress towards universal standards stopped there, the industry stubbornly resisted further integration, and Apple expressed special support.

The latest non-Apple phones and tablets, and in fact Apple’s own iPads and MacBooks, come with a USB-C charging port, and older devices use USB-micro-B, but the iPhone continues. I’m using the Lightning standard.

Apple, as before, rejected the EU’s proposal, saying in a statement: “”

However, EC Vice-Chairman Margrethe Vestager accused the industry of a stumbling block.

“We have given the industry enough time to devise its own solution. Now is the time for general charger legislation. This is an important victory for consumers and the environment. Yes, it’s in line with green and digital ambitions, “she said. ..

To become law, the proposal requires voting by EU member states and is subject to amendment prior to that. If passed, it seems likely, but it becomes a directive and the country is given two years to implement it as a national law.

At that point, Apple will face the choice of supporting two standards for devices sold in different parts of the world or accepting universal specifications.

EU requires USB-C charging for all phones, Apple disagrees

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