EU appeals to common values ​​to seduce Taiwanese tip companies

File Photo: The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) logo is painted on January 19, 2021 at its headquarters in New State, Taiwan. REUTERS / Ann Wang / File Photo

October 14, 2021

Taipei (Reuters) – EU officials said Thursday that the European Union and Taiwan are democracies that share values ​​and are natural partners when it comes to semiconductors, with the island’s major chip companies investing in blocks. Proposed.

Tech Powerhouse Taiwan, home of companies like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC), has closed some auto production lines around the world and is currently suffering from a shortage of chips affecting home appliances. It is the center of efforts to resolve it. that too.

TSMC is building a $ 12 billion chip manufacturing plant in Arizona, USA, but there is no indication that it is interested in a similar facility in Europe.

Sabine Weyand, director of the European Commission’s trade sector, spoke at a virtual Taiwan and EU investment forum, saying that the impact of tip shortages on automakers is a reminder of how important chips are. Said.

“Europe will step up its efforts to increase production with the European Chips Act, but would like to work with like-minded partners, including Taiwan,” she said, referring to a law proposed by the Commission last month.

“Taiwan is not only good at producing semiconductors, but also because technology is ultimately a security issue. We have an EU digital agenda, along with like-minded partners, of ours. I hope it will be shaped according to common values. “

Neither the EU nor its member states have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, which China claims and is democratically controlled.

The Taiwanese government is keen to sign a bilateral investment treaty with the EU, and in 2015, the year before President Tsai Ing-wen first became president of Taiwan, Taiwan became a trading partner for such transactions. First included in the list of countries, but since then Taiwan on this issue.

Tsai said in the same forum that Taiwan, with its democracy, freedom and respect for human rights, is a “natural” partner for the EU.

“Initiating negotiations on a bilateral investment treaty could be the beginning of a more concrete partnership for a democracy like us.”

(Report by Ben Blanchard, edited by William Maclean)

EU appeals to common values ​​to seduce Taiwanese tip companies

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