Essential IT Advice When Starting a Business

If you are planning a business launch, there’s a lot of ground to cover; marketing, management and, of course, IT. Information Technology is a broad term that covers everything digital and as we live in a world of ones and zeros, most, if not all of your business process will be in digital format. Fortunately, there are specialist operators who offer managed IT services; managed meaning they monitor and administrate your network, ensuring that all is well.

Outsource to a single provider

There are IT support solutions in the Charlotte area for every type of business, large or small, and if you are just starting out, this is the perfect time to outsource all your IT requirements. An established managed IT service company would offer the following services.

  • Web design and administration
  • All forms of cyber-security
  • LAN design and configuration – Network protection
  • Business communications – VoIP solutions
  • IT support – Consult and implement an IT plan

Web design

Your website is your portal to the digital world and it should be professionally put together to be a positive reflection of you and your business. There are certain aspects of web design that are critical; content needs to be top-drawer and pages must load fast (high Internet bandwidth), while the site must be secure. A single company can handle;

  • Web domain acquisition (your www.address)
  • Web hosting
  • Web design & development
  • Web administration
  • Cyber-security

Your domain name must be unique; the IT service provider would check for availability and buy your requested domain name, which would be valid for 12 months and needs to be renewed. Spend some time on web design, as this is critical for good branding and if you are a shopping cart website, you need SSL certification for cyber-security. A secure website is denoted by the ‘s’ in ‘https’, either that or a small padlock icon at the start of the URL, and the consumer will avoid buying from unsecure platforms, as their financial data is at risk of being hacked.

Business communication

Forget the telephone, VoIP solutions allow for audio-video calls via the Internet, with applications like Zoom and Skype’ as your business grows, you can integrate VoIP solutions into your organization. The IT service provider has you covered with business communication and can tailor the service to suit the client – you only pay for what you use and with a detailed bill at the end of the month, you can see where your dollars are going. Here’s some information on how China is squeezing small firms out of business, something that needs to be looked at.

Ongoing IT support

When you partner up with the right managed IT service provider, you can forget about all things IT related and focus on driving the business in the right direction. Check out the US government website that deals with IT and cyber-security, along with many other government services. Start as you mean to go on by connecting with a leading managed IT services provider here in Texas and with all your IT needs covered, your business can grow.

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