Emma Corrin took a shower with support after appearing to come out


She shares some photos from a magazine photo shoot dressed as a bride, and Diana’s portrayal of “The Crown” calls herself “Queer’s Bride” in the caption.

Emma corrin It seems to have confirmed her sexual orientation. After calling herself a “queer” in her recent social media post, Princess Diana said, “crown“Season 4 took a shower with the support of many people.

Using Instagram on Wednesday, April 7, the 25-year-old beauty posted some photos from a featured article in Pop Magazine, where she dressed as a bride. With the accompaniment of the post, she declared “our favorite queer bride”.

Since then, Emma’s post has been flooded with supportive comments from fans. One individual exclaimed, “Are you waiting for this to come out? OH MY GOD YES QUEER RIGHT SEVERYONE. I feel a very effective RN.” Another acclaim, “I’m very proud of your EMMAAAAA.” The third was “YEAH BABYSO PROUDDD”, which rang the chime.

Native English speakers also received overwhelming support on Twitter. One user spouted, “Emma Corrin came out as a queer and shouted out that she was her true self, and I’m endlessly proud of my girl <33 !!" .. Another added, "Emma Corrin, who tends to be cool, cute and queer. I love it for her." Someone else wrote, "omgemma has always given me a strange atmosphere !!! I'm glad to know that I was right."

Emma’s revelation happened two months after she was revealed to be associated with Harry Styles For the romantic drama of Amazon Studios “My cop“. With an actress One direction Members have been talking about the internet in their next project since they have been reported to have “close” ties.

In late August 2020, a source told The Sun that Emma and Harry began a friendship after being introduced on one of his gigs. “There’s nothing romantic between Harry and Emma, ​​but they became friends because they knew the load of the same people,” sources told the outlets.

“When The Crown airs, she suddenly becomes interested in who she is, so she hopes her life will change dramatically,” said the insider. Insisted further. “So it’s great to have a companion like Harry who knows how to deal with fame.”

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