Elon Musk deletes tweets with criticism on Twitter after the assault on the weekend

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Elon Musk tweeted last weekend, expressing numerous criticisms on Twitter. But the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX seems to have removed some of his most naughty shots as he abandoned his plan to join the social media company’s board.

Mask’s tweets included suggestions on how to transform Twitter and its products. On Saturday, he asked his nearly 81 million followers on Twitter to vote on whether the company should turn its San Francisco headquarters into a homeless shelter.

In another post-deleted tweet, Musk suggested Twitter subscribers were allowed to pay with dodgecoins, receive an “authentication” check mark and leave the offer unadvertised.

“Everyone who subscribes to Twitter Blue (i.e. pays $ 3 a month) should get an authentication check mark,” Musk wrote. “And no advertising. The ability of corporations to dictate policy is greatly enhanced when Twitter relies on advertising money to survive. ”

Musk published a separate poll that has since been removed, urging people to vote on whether Twitter should remove the “w” from its name.

It is unclear why Musk deleted the tweets, and he did not respond to a request for comment. A Twitter spokesman declined to comment.

Even before he revealed a 9% stake in the company last week and then briefly agreed to join the company’s board, Musk had a long and complicated relationship with Twitter as a communication tool.

In 2018, the Securities and Exchange Commission accused Mask of “lying and misleading” statements to investors when he announced via Twitter that he had provided funding to make Tesla private at a price of $ 420 per share. Musk and Tesla eventually agreed to an agreement with the government, which was later revised.

Under the agreement, Musk and Tesla had to pay SEC fines of $ 20 million. In addition, Musk could no longer be chairman of Tesla, and he had to check tweets containing essential business information before they could be published. Musk and his brother Kimball, a board member of Tesla and SpaceX, are also being investigated by the SEC because of their tweets and trade.

The latest spectacle began on April 4, when Musk revealed his share on Twitter in a statement. To the surprise of investors, he suddenly became the company’s largest shareholder. On this news, stocks jumped 27%.

The next day, Twitter announced that Musk would join the Twitter board.

But this agreement was quickly broken. Twitter CEO Parag Agraval wrote on Twitter on Sunday night that Musk had informed the company last weekend that he would eventually not be a member of the board.

“There will be distractions ahead, but our goals and priorities remain the same,” Agraval wrote.

Since he is not on the board, Musk is no longer limited to owning just 14.9% of the company that was part of the deal. Now analysts are considering whether Musk will increase his stake in Twitter and possibly pursue a hostile takeover.

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As for deleting tweets, this is an action that Musk has done in the past.

Earlier this year, he removed an insulting meme comparing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to genocide dictator Adolf Hitler. And in 2018, he deleted a naughty tweet that included a photo of Miley Cyrus flirting on stage at a music awards show, and Mask’s comment, “They’re growing so fast.”

The recent removals differ in that the tweets were directly related to a campaign that Musk had just backed for billions of dollars.

However, some of his controversial comments remain on the site. Musk didn’t delete one of his tweets over the weekend asking if Twitter was “dying”. In the message, he noted that some of the most popular Twitter users, including Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, rarely write in tweets.

On Monday, he also liked a tweet that said, “Let me break this down for you: Elon has become Free Speech’s largest shareholder. Ilona was told to play well and not to speak freely. “

Meanwhile, Musk is suing to save one of his old tweets. In 2021, the National Labor Relations Council ordered Tesla to force Mask to remove the 2018 tweet, which was seen as threatening to the company’s job organizers.

The tweet read: “Nothing prevents the Tesla team at our car plant from voting in the union. I could do it tmrw if I wanted to. But why pay union dues and give up stock options?”

Tesla has appealed the decision of the administrative court.

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Elon Musk deletes tweets with criticism on Twitter after the assault on the weekend

Source link Elon Musk deletes tweets with criticism on Twitter after the assault on the weekend

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