DWP provides leaders £ 105,000 to “build world-class data capabilities”

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The Department for Work and Pensions offers an annual salary of over £ 100,000 to hire a data manager as a service.

According to Paul Lodge, DWP’s Chief Data Officer, this position offers “a once-in-a-career opportunity to rebuild the entire suite of data products for 22 million citizens.”

It leads an agile development team that uses both internal and external datasets to create new services, tools, and “consumables statistics” that help support departmental policies and delivery goals. That is included.

An important part of this work is to “use digital economy law as a trigger” to better share data between DWP and other departments. Postholders are also expected to “bring new ideas and innovations from external governments to continually evolve their DWP data strategy and architecture,” the classified ads said.

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“Successful candidates have an organizational design and vision to build world-class data product and service capabilities at the Department for Work and Pensions, enabling data managers, data engineers, and other professionals to transform the overall work. Responsible for developing. Department. They also specialize in digital and data to provide secure data services throughout the life journey of citizens to support the most vulnerable people in our society. You will lead an interdisciplinary team at home. ” “This role is a special opportunity to play an important role in creating culture and opportunities to realize our ambitions. We will transform our service offerings through DWP data and improve people’s lives. Use the data for. “

The sector seeks applications from candidates with “experience in leading large-scale data and analytics capabilities in complex, fast-paced organizations such as government, retail, banking, and financial services.”

The selection process includes individual leadership assessments and staff involvement exercises led by industrial psychologists. Those who successfully navigate this stage will be invited to the final “mixed interview”. This is more of a “conversation” than a traditional interview and requires a 5-minute presentation as well.

Successful candidates earn between £ 71,000 and £ 105,000 annually and are based in either London, Leeds, Blackpool, Newcastle, or DWP in Sheffield.

Applications are accepted until 11:55 pm on October 31st.

DWP provides leaders £ 105,000 to “build world-class data capabilities”

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