DWP Moves Universal Credit Data Analytics Platform to AWS Cloud for £ 2.5m

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The Department for Work and Pensions has awarded £ 2.5m to move its leading data analytics platform to the public cloud of Amazon Web Services.

Built in 2017 to support the analysis of universal credit data, the DataWorks platform, a department-wide infrastructure, is currently running from the Crown Hosting Data Centers environment. A newly released procurement document reveals that on April 1st, DWP launched a project to move services and data to AWS.

The migration process will be supported by Digital Transformation Specialist Creme de la Creme (recently rebranded from the DMW Group). Creme de la Creme has won a £ 2.56m one-year contract. The other six companies are listed as subcontractors. Setient; SVU Technology; Cloudifie; Grape Business Solutions; and Jahgo Cloud Services.

According to the contract, the supplier’s first task is to “capture, output, and store data.” This includes work to “guarantee reliable ingestion of data” from Universal Credit Services to DataWorks. This is done via Kafka software tools. Also, part of the first tranche of work is to ensure the effectiveness of data transfer from DataWorks to other systems and locations (such as DWP’s data warehouse).

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The first thing we plan to move to AWS is data related to the data problem and corruption testing process.

Then the second phase of the work, “platform build”, begins.

At this stage, Crederea and its partners are “equal to or better than the current Crown-hosted live services platform in terms of performance, flexibility, functional and non-functional features, and delivery of data to existing SLAs. You will be asked to “provide a platform.”

The platform also “allows components to be added, modified, or removed, supports expected new product development without major tweaks, and is secure and extensible loosely coupled for DWP-defined scenarios. You need to “build on the architecture”.

DWP also requires suppliers to implement monitoring, alerting, auditing systems, and disaster recovery plans.

Once the platform is up and running, you’ll begin migrating your DataWorks reporting and analytics tools to your AWS environment. This involves a “change management” program designed to ensure a “smooth transition of users to the new platform”.

In addition to ongoing technical support, suppliers are required to provide “knowledge transfer” services so that DWP staff can take over control of the service after the contract is signed.

The plan expects all this work to be completed by the end of July, but the schedule and objectives will be reviewed at a biweekly planning meeting between the department and the supplier.

“This can cause some of the above artifacts to go out of scope and other artifacts into scope,” the contract states. “Given that this is an agile delivery, no formal change document will be issued.”

The agreement also provides for suppliers to support work on potential new features in DataWorks. These will be “based on the story backlog defined by DWP”.

The transition agreement came into effect the day after another £ 1.18 million transaction with Creme de la Creme, which began December 8.

As part of this agreement, the technology company was tasked with implementing a system to manage requests for universal credit data and an API to provide the data in question to people inside and outside the department. The agreement also included creating tools to capture data from new sources and making UC data “more available, interoperable and stable”.

DWP Moves Universal Credit Data Analytics Platform to AWS Cloud for £ 2.5m

Source link DWP Moves Universal Credit Data Analytics Platform to AWS Cloud for £ 2.5m

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