Duchess of Sussex reveals she had a miscarriage during the summer | Voice of America

The Duchess of London-Sussex revealed that she had a miscarriage in July and gave a personal account of her traumatic experience in the hope of helping others.

Megan described the miscarriage in a opinion piece Wednesday, writing that “when I grabbed my first child, I knew I was losing my second child.”

Former Megan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, have an 18-month-old son, Archie.

The Duchess, 39, said she shared her story to help break the silence of the tragedy that is too common. According to the United Kingdom National Health Service, one-eighth of pregnancies that a woman finds pregnant ends in a miscarriage.

“Lost a child means having almost intolerable grief, which many have experienced, but little talked about,” Megan wrote.

“By being invited to share our pain, we take the first step towards healing together.”

In a surprisingly intimate account of her experience, the Duchess said the tragedy “started as normal as any other day Morning: Make breakfast. Feed the dog. Take vitamins. Missing socks. I explained how I attacked “find. Pick up a rogue crayon that rolled.” Under the table, throw your hair into the ponytail before removing your son from the crayon.

“After changing his diaper, I felt a sharp cramp. I held him in my arms and fell to the floor, humming a lullaby and calming us down. What is a hilarious song? This is in stark contrast to my feeling of being wrong. “

Later, she said, “I lay down on the hospital bed, holding my husband’s hand. I felt the awkwardness of his palm and kissed his knuckle wet with both of us tears. Staring at the cold white wall, my eyes glazed. I tried to imagine how we would be healed. “

Sophie King, a midwife at Tommy’s, a charity that lost children in the UK, said miscarriage and stillbirth “continue to be a true taboo in society, so sharing stories with mothers like Megan is a stigma. It’s an important step in breaking down shame. “

“Her honesty and forgiveness today sends a powerful message to those who have lost their babies. This may seem incredibly lonely, but you are not alone,” King said. It was.

Meghan, an American actress and star of the television legal drama “Suit,” married Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, at a spectacular ceremony at Windsor Castle in May 2018. Their son was born the following year.

Earlier this year, the couple announced that they would cease their royal obligations and move to North America, citing what they said was an intolerable invasion and racist attitude of the British media. They recently bought a house in Santa Barbara, California.

The Duchess is currently suing the publisher of a British email in the Sunday newspaper for infringing on the privacy of an article containing a portion of a letter to her father who was estranged after the wedding.

Last month, a London judge agreed with Megan’s request to postpone the trial from January 2021 to the fall. The decision followed a private hearing, and the judge said the reason for the delay request should be kept secret.

Duchess of Sussex reveals she had a miscarriage during the summer | Voice of America

Source link Duchess of Sussex reveals she had a miscarriage during the summer | Voice of America

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