Drama in “The View”: COVID test was “false positive”, co-host reveals

Ananavaro, one of the two co-hosts pulled from the ABC “”scenery“Because the COVID-19 test was positive, it was broadcast on Friday and revealed that the result that caused the confusion was a false positive.

In the middle of Friday’s broadcast, the producer informed Navarro and Sunny Hostin on earpieces that they had to leave the Hot Topics table and Joy Behar and Sara Haines would have to do the rest of the show themselves. The rest of the hosts often struggled to kill time and were asked questions by the audience at some point, but often couldn’t hear the muffled questions due to the mask.

The drama on Friday was even more striking given that Vice President Kamala Harris was pulled by Navarro and Hostin on their way to the studio for a direct interview. Even if Harris arrives at the building, the producer explained that her appearance would be done away from another room as a precaution.

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“I was very excited about the Vice President’s appearance in The View, and suddenly it turned into an episode of’Curb Your Enthusiasm’,” Navarro said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday’s drama. Talked about. “It was just surreal.”

Navarro also revealed what she discovered behind the scenes. While waiting in the dressing room after being guided from the studio, Navarro said both the PCR and antigen tests she had had returned to false positives. She said she couldn’t talk about Hostin’s consequences because of her privacy.

“So we had a rapid antigen test and a PCR, both of which returned to false positives for me,” Navarro said.

Navarro also told Cooper that he would take a weekly test as a guest co-host of the talk show.

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“I feel good and I hope it was just inappropriate and a very common false positive,” Navarro tweeted on Saturday. “Vaccine and keep people safe, and we can completely defeat this pity.”

She has since posted on social media that her third COVID test has returned negative.

“Obviously what happened yesterday was a false positive, a very common, very inappropriate, very melodramatic false positive, but fortunately, I’ve now tested it three times. All three. Was negative, “she added to Instagram.

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Fox News contributor Joe Concha was one of the critics who blew up “The View” in a nasty episode. He argued that not only was the result of the first positive COVID a way to deal with the “train accident”, but so was the subsequent interview with Harris. He said Behar and Haynes chose not to ask the Vice President about the failure of the drone strike in Kabul, the turmoil about booster shots, or France’s dissatisfaction with the United States over the loss of submarine transactions.

Concha said it was designed to give the Vice President “confidence” when approval rates are declining.

Drama in “The View”: COVID test was “false positive”, co-host reveals

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