DPD officers seen in Deep Elm video under two other investigations

SWAT officer Melvin Williams is investigating a recent case and two other cases in which a man was shot in a sponge round during a protest.

Dallas — The Viral video shows what happened when Dallas police officers were responding to a battle in the Deep Elm involving about 20 people.

In the video, you can see a Dallas policeman confront a man and hit him at least five times.

The Dallas Police Department has not disclosed his name, but sources say the police officer is Melvin Williams, a SWAT police officer who worked off-the-cuff bar on Elm Street.

Mike Mata, President of the Dallas Police Association, watched the video.

“Well, the cops are definitely explaining what to do. I think the public deserves an investigation, and the department is investigating,” Mata said.

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This is not the first time Williams has been investigated for the use of force. He is also at the center of two other incidents that arose from protests and anxieties in Dallas last summer.

The first is when 21-year-old Vincent Doyle is shot with a sponge, cuts his face, and has limited vision.

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“I remember seeing his laser. I thought,’Are you trying to shoot me?’ Suddenly it became like a boom. I was shot in the truest sense. I thought it was, “Doyle said.

The Dallas District Attorney has brought the case to a grand jury. Williams, meanwhile, is also investigating Brandon Sentz, who was spotted in a 40mm sponge round. I had to get rid of his left eye.

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Daryl Washington represents both men in federal proceedings.

“He shouldn’t be wearing a badge and carrying a gun,” Washington said.

There is a question as to why Williams did not have a limited obligation during the investigation into the use of force.

“If they are so angry and can’t make the situation worse, they shouldn’t be police officers,” Washington said.

Both Mata and Washington agree that one of the good things they saw in the video was that two cops intervened and separated Williams from the man.

“They didn’t jump trying to dogpile the suspect. No, the first thing they did was to separate, escalate and handcuff the suspect. Our training worked. “Mata said.

“I want to praise the officers who did that,” Washington said.

The Dallas Police Department has trained police officers to intervene when they see them off the line. Chief Eddie Garcia also commended the officers.

Williams has administrative obligations as these cases are removed from the streets as they pass through internal affairs and court.

DPD officers seen in Deep Elm video under two other investigations

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