Doping-WADA Considers Athletes’ Cannabis Ban

September 15, 2021

(Reuters) – A World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) advisory group will consider whether cannabis remains a banned substance. This is what happened after American track and field star Sha’Carri Richardson failed after showing a positive result at the Tokyo Olympics. ..

Scientific reviews will begin next year, WADA said Tuesday. He added that cannabis is currently banned from competition and will continue in 2022.

Richardson wiped out the test results with a positive result for a chemical found in cannabis during the June US Olympic track and field test. She was also suspended for a month.

The 21-year-old, who was considered a top candidate at 100 meters, said she used cannabis to deal with her mother’s death.

The outage caused a flood of compassion and called for a review of anti-doping rules, including those by the US Anti-Doping Agency.

(Report by Rory Carroll in Los Angeles, edited by Richard Pullin)

Doping-WADA Considers Athletes’ Cannabis Ban

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