Domain Authority: What It Is and How Can You Boost It

The site DA (domain authority) is said to be a number that indicates the Authority of the website you are running. If a website has high DA, then there are high chances of getting high ranks in (search engine result pages) and helps you to drive more organic traffic.

Moz develops it, but some other companies also created similar metrics that help to rank the domains depending on some factors. Basically, it gives them a rating from zero to one hundred. The idea relies on their Authority emerging from the page rank.

For ease, you can use the bulk da checker to check all the insights of your website.

What is the Site DA (Domain Authority):

The DA for a website is said to be a score between 0 to 100 that shows how good a website will rank on the search engine result pages. This one is not similar to the ranking score of Google, which actually influences your rankings. Moz & other companies are trying their best to stimulate the ranking algorithms of Google by considering the factors that can affect website rank & give the scores to the domains for comparison purposes.

In other words, the site DA depends on the data Moz has related to your website that is sometimes accurate. It is normal for a website to have a low domain authority but high rank in Google search pages. However, it is a daunting task to check the domain authority by following a lengthy procedure, but you can easily track the website insights using the free domain authority checker.

7 Practical Steps on How to Improve your Domain Authority:

Finally, you came to know what domain authority is and how you can improve your website authority. There are seven easy steps you need to follow to increase your DA score practically.

  1. Work on Your Off-Page SEO:

The link profile is one of the most important metrics as compared to other metrics. The website with a strong & clean profile will get a higher DA score than those with no good link profiles.

  1. What are the strong link profiles:

A website will get a strong link profile when it has the incoming links from the highly authoritative websites, links from the related web pages, low-quality links, and some unique domains. For ease, you can use the da checker tools that help to check domain authority, Moz rank, and page authority with a click.

  1. On-Page SEO Optimization:

The next step is to work on your on-page search engine optimization to improve your domain authority. On-Page SEO depends on the optimization of your page and content. The most important factor you need to follow to improve your on-Page SEO are as follows:

  • Optimization of Description & Titles.
  • Use proper heading within your content.
  • SEO optimize permalinks and URL structure.
  • Use keywords with proper stuffing.
  • Optimize the images, videos, and media content you are using in your content.

To make an effective content optimization strategy, you need to use the bulk DA checker that tells how your website is performing.

  1. Work on Your Technical SEO:

Technical search engine optimization is related to low-level SEO tasks, and once you are done with your technical SEO, you don’t need to deal with it again. If your Technical optimization aspects are not correct, this will impact your domain authority so badly, affecting your ranking. The technical elements you need to check are:

  • Register your website with Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster tools.
  • Optimize the XML sitemap & submit it to Google.
  • Check the “robots.txt” setting and use “Fetch” to ensure that the search engines can crawl your website without problems.
  • Add the structured data information to understand the context of your text.

However, consider the da checker can help you to check the domain authority of your website.

  1. Improve Your Page Speed:

Page speed is one of the known “signals” of the Google ranking algorithms. A website that has fast loading speed has an additional advantage as compared to the slower loading websites. Improving the web speed improves the ranking & domain authority and will also make the user experience much better. Improving speed will also help you to get more sales, signups, and leads. Checking up the speed is undoubtedly a daunting task, so you can use the bulk data checker that gives you all the information to improve the website speed.

  1. Increase Your Social Signals:

Google has often stated that the social signals are not part of Google ranking algorithms, but there is a clear correlation between the pages that rank high on  Google & social signals. Social pages that are popular in Google can get more likes, shares, and tweets.

  1. Be Patient:

As mentioned in the article’s introduction, increasing the domain authority is not something that can be done overnight. The crawlers will take some time to read and evaluate your website after making changes to your website so, you need to be patient. If you work systematically on your ranking, it will positively impact your site DA.


Do not be so obsessed with your domain authority score because it’s just a number that tells how strong your domain is by comparing the other domains existing in the Moz database. The low Ds score does mean that your website will not perform well on Google. But a high score means that you are on the right path. However, it does not give any guarantee that you will get better rankings.


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