DOJ file to suspend abortion law enforcement in Texas

The Justice Department filed an urgent petition on Tuesday night to suspend the enforcement of new legislation banning most abortions in Texas.

Austin, Texas — A woman from Texas has traveled nearly 1,000 miles to Colorado for an abortion. Others have been driving to New Mexico for 4 hours. Also, in Houston, the number of clinics that normally have more than 100 abortions per week has decreased to several times a day.

Two weeks after the strictest abortion law in the United States came into force in Texas, the new abortion law has already almost completely banned abortion as the Byden administration sought an urgent order to suspend in federal court in Austin late Tuesday. It shows that it has a serious impact on. Enforcement of a bill known as Senate Bill 8. A network of Texas clinics that had more than 9,000 abortions in 2020 said they had rejected more than 100 patients since September 1.

The law prohibits abortion once medical professionals are able to detect heart activity. This is usually about 6 weeks, before some women find out that they are pregnant. Enforcement is left to civilians acting on behalf of lawsuits against abortion providers and other citizens helping women obtain abortions in Texas. Judge Robert Pittman of the US District Court, who appointed former President Barack Obama, did not take immediate action on Wednesday at the request of the Justice Department.

“It’s exactly what we were afraid of since SB8 went into effect on September 1,” Melaney Linton, president of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, said in a court filing.

In the 10 days since the law came into force, Houston’s planned parent-child clinic states that 63 patients are scheduled to have an abortion, far less than the usual 25 in a single day. Eleven of these patients were unable to have an abortion because heart activity was detected during the appointment.

According to Lynton, one of the patients around the 5th week of pregnancy had no heart activity but was infected with COVID-19 during his visit. In other words, it was not possible to have an abortion after forced quarantine.

Fund Texas Choice, a non-profit organization that has paid transportation for several years for Texas women who are unable to pay long travel expenses due to abortion, has about 10 to 10-15 callers a week and 10-15 daily. He told the court that the number of people had surged. By October, he plans to spend at least $ 10,000 more than usual, and it is estimated that donors have expressed fear of violating the law by giving money to help patients have an abortion.

Abortion providers say they are in compliance with the law, and Texas Light to Life, the state’s largest anti-abandoned group, has set up a chipline to accept alleged violations. He said he had not received a reliable report.

“Texas’ right to life is not surprised by the Biden administration’s desperate move to prevent the Texas Heartbeat Act from saving lives as quickly as necessary and as quickly as possible. A fair court invalidates the Justice Department’s proceedings. I look forward to declaring that. “

A complete explanation of the decline in abortion in Texas, and the number of women currently seeking abortion elsewhere, is unknown. By April, there were more than 19,000 abortions in Texas, according to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. Neighboring and neighboring state abortion providers are sufficient to handle the normal amount of patients who normally have an abortion in Texas, especially in the South, even with a new surge in Texas patients in their clinics. He has expressed concern about his lack of ability.

The law came into force earlier this month after the Supreme Court denied an emergency appeal from an abortion provider.

The law is invalid because last week’s Judiciary proceedings illegally violated women’s constitutional rights and violated the constitutional supremacy clause, which states that federal law would replace state law. Insisted.

The ministry held a similar debate late Tuesday when seeking a detention order or a temporary injunction, saying that the “majority” of women seeking abortion were denied in Texas.

“During that time, clinics in neighboring states have been receiving panicked calls from patients in Texas,” said the abortion provider. The proliferation of patients includes minors and victims of sexual assault.

Under Texas law, someone may file a proceeding even if they have nothing to do with the woman undergoing the abortion, and if they win the case in court, they are entitled to at least $ 10,000 in damages. This is the country’s largest restraint on abortion since the Supreme Court confirmed in the 1973 groundbreaking Roe v. Wade case that women have a constitutional right to abortion.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s spokeswoman, Renae Ez, responded to the urgent request Wednesday, referring to her previous comment that the court was confident that it would support the law.

DOJ file to suspend abortion law enforcement in Texas

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