DOJ defied judges in a letter sent the day one man was arrested for attempting to kill Kavanaugh.

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MUA MA FOX – The Department of Justice defended its efforts to protect the safety of Supreme Court justices in a letter to the governors of Maryland and Virginia the same day a militant was arrested near the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The letter, dated June 8, is from Acting Assistant Attorney General Peter Hyun. He responded to a May 11 letter from GOP Govs. Larry Hogan and Glenn Youngkin sent Attorney General Merrick Garland urging the Department of Justice (DOJ) to do more to protect judges.

The six GOP -elected members of the legislature at the time are still standing in protest in their homes after Politico issued a leaked statement showing the Supreme Court was ready. to overthrow Roe vs. Wade.

“The Department is committed to taking all reasonable steps to improve the safety of Judges and the Court,” DOJ said from Hyun.

That response came the same day a California man was arrested near the Maryland home of Kavanaugh, with intent to kill the law. The man, Nicholas John Roske, was charged Wednesday with attempted murder Kavanaugh.

Roske was arrested at the Kavanaugh home in the early morning of June 8, allegedly with a gun, two magazines loaded and more ammunition, according to a DOJ notice.

YOUNGKIN, HOGAN TO LETTER TO GARLAND demanding that he prosecute witnesses outside the homes of the chief justice.

The governors ‘letter on May 11 again called for the agency to sue protesters for violating a law prohibiting picketing in front of federal judges’ houses to sue the protesters. hihi.

The Republican governors of Maryland and Virginia are demanding that Attorney General Merrick Garland do more to protect the judges of the Supreme Court sitting in their states.
(Photographer: Eric Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“On May 18, 2022, the Attorney General convened the Supreme Court and the justices of the Department to discuss the protective rights of judges,” the DOJ document said. “Following this meeting at the Department’s announcement on May 11, 2022, the Attorney General ordered the U.S. Marshal’s Service to ensure the safety of Judges by providing additional support to the U.S. Marshal’s Service. Marshal of the Cinema and policemen of the Cinema. “


The letter adds that the Marshals Service continues to protect judges, and the DOJ is sharing information with other agencies about their safety.

The DOJ document also prohibits discussing the views of many people who oppose federal law in front of judges.

“Your letter also identifies some people who have violated federal criminal law. We appreciate the benefit of your comments on this matter,” the Justice Department’s letter continued. “The Department’s long -term policies and practices prevent us from discussing this information with you and confirming or denying the commencement or survival of any research.”

The message added: “Please do not describe this consent as a confirmation or denial of the trial of the material described in your letter.”

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The DOJ is not known for public efforts to investigate or arrest protesters outside the courts, although a growing number of people are doing so.

The Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital. Hogan’s office said the governor has always wanted the federal government to step up its defense against judges.

“The dreaded threats to Judges and their neighbors are the reason the Governor continues to call on the federal government to step up law enforcement and ensure their safety. “said Hogan communications manager Mike Ricci. “The odds are too high for the little ones.”

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DOJ defied judges in a letter sent the day one man was arrested for attempting to kill Kavanaugh.

Source link DOJ defied judges in a letter sent the day one man was arrested for attempting to kill Kavanaugh.

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