Does a farmer’s sink make sense without a real farmer?

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Yes, they are spacious, practical, beautifully aging

Apron front sink Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines, who are an important element of American pastoral farm fantasy and are driving modern farm aesthetics on HGTV (partly). And while design experts have predicted the end of its aesthetics for several years, the very deep and wide basins that accompany it are still very popular. One manufacturer, Kohler, reports that sink sales have grown steadily for five years. Matthew Quinn, principal of the Atlanta Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio, recently said his clients are demanding a stainless steel version that is more suitable for modern kitchens.

Why does he stay true to that style? He cites one of its many practical advantages. “The shorter you are, the easier it is to access.” Because there is no counter between you and the sink. Another plus: increased depth benefits when bathing dogs, says Tricia Foley, designer of Bellport, NY (author of the new book “A Summer Place” (Rizzoli)). .. Foley also likes the ability to arrange flowers without cluttering the petals with confetti. Also, stack them invisible until you are ready to wash away the dirty dishes. “I used it as a bucket of ice for a party,” she said of a cave-like container. “Put a lot of ice and rosé bottles in the farmer’s sink.”

Stephanie Sabbie in Nashville, another interior designer who installed one of the tabby sinks in her home, said, “I loved taking the kids together in the bath. “Especially if you can afford to make it out of stone,” she said. The pro also praised the patina that the front of the apron could develop. “We are all crazy about being bulletproof,” Sabe said. You are like “this is beautiful”. ”

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No, they are so many, overexposed and can ruin your cabinet

Just click to look According to Houston designer J. Randall Powers, in traditional scullery, “I hate the whole Kardashian approach to design. Sink’s proud belly can steal the scene. Evolved over time. “They feel okay,” said the mellow kitchen, a partner of New York-based Ike Kligerman Barkley, who lived in a 300-year-old farmhouse in Normandy, France, as a teenager. One architect Thomas A. Krigerman said. But, “When you plug it into a modern kitchen, it loses its appeal a bit. In some respects, it makes the sink too big.”

The quality of this star also limits placement options, as the sink in front of the apron appears to be more centered, like a similarly prominent range hood, Quinn said. Farmer sinks are also about twice as expensive as standard varieties. Denver’s River + Lime’s Margaret Selzer says, “I would like to invest that money in the island’s amazing luminaires.” Krigerman agrees. “I would like to lower the sink from the bottom and spend money on a wonderful brass faucet without lacquer.”

Some experts don’t like the wear and tear that the outer surface of the sink usually gets. As Quinn lamented, belt buckles can scratch metal objects, and fire clay belts. It can damage itself. Without a counter between the washbasins, it’s easy to get soaked with splashes, says Sabbe. She added that the farmer’s style is famous for ruining the base cabinet. “When you’re cooking, water naturally drips from your elbows. In the sink with the apron in front, the water It will be damaged along the drape, “she said. When talking about cabinet installation, “every cabinet maker rolls its eyes.” Sabbe has learned to accept all the drawbacks, but perfectionists may want to use a standard drop-in or undermount sink.

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Does a farmer’s sink make sense without a real farmer?

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