Do you keep politics away from sports? Mark Cuban tried it. Then all the hell was unleashed | NBA

FFrom the moment about five years before Colin Kaepernick began talking about racial inequality and social injustice during the national anthem, the collective plea from the American right wing was loud and clear. Keep politics away from sports.

Well, Mark Cuban obliged them. After that, all the hell was unleashed.

Right-wing media Ecosphere spent the entire Wednesday blaming the Dallas Mavericks billionaire owner’s decision not to play the national anthem before the team’s home game. The Mavericks managed to pass 13 pre-season and regular-season contests at the American Airlines Center for 56 days before everyone noticed. But note that they finally did. And the news of the Cuban decision released late Tuesday night was like heavenly manna for a machine of conservative anger just to distract attention to Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial. ..

On Fox News’ flagship morning show, Fox & Friends, anchor Brian Kilmead shook between false anger and pearl-grabbing disgust. “This is anti-Americanism,” he exclaimed. “Every other country playing the national anthem, they are perfect. We shouldn’t support it because it’s not perfect. Now we can’t even play it.” (Co-host Ainsley Earhart Was done by an evil sarcasm in the name of the Mavericks home coat. American Airlines [Arena]!! “)

In is another of Fox morning program of Outnumbered, Sean Duffy of the original Wisconsin legislator wrote it in chalk as a decisive victory for the people who are keeping the score at 習近 Xiaoping home. This is great for America and China. “

A predictable parade of Texas politicians, former Houston-based talk radio host became vice-governor Dan Patrick. Explained it As a “slap”, he asked Cuba to sell the team to “some Texas patriots.”

At Newsmax, an emerging black tar heroin to replace Fox News’ dopamine rush, a panel of more than six experts blamed the “cancellation” of the song 207 years ago (“They made it the national anthem of China.” Would you like to replace it? “), Mother Mark Halperin could barely hide her embarrassment. The RedState was considered to indicate that Cuba is in a position to run for president in 2024.

By noon, the NBA had lost the social credibility it had in banks during the Capernick era when it spoke to all teams. will Play the national anthem that moves forward in line with long-standing league policy. And Cuba issued a brief statement that the decision not to play so far this year was the result of ongoing conversations with members of the community who felt the tradition “did not fully represent them.” ..

However, the resolution did nothing to lower the temperature on the right side.

Fox afternoon at 5:28 pm on the East Coast, while all other U.S. news channels conducted a Senate impeachment trial, chilling security footage of the new Capitol from the January 6 riots. The panel show co-sponsors are Cuba and the NBA: “Kneeling is one thing,” said co-host Jesse Watters. “Are you sure you want to cancel the national anthem? We finally knew where the border with social justice was, and Mark passed it.”

However, a civil rights lawyer, a regular customer of Sean Hannity’s show, and a gold medal-winning weapon-grade achievement of Leo Terrell couldn’t hold the candle.

What Mark Cuban did was appeasement to the millionaire, mainly the minority. A millionaire who enjoys the splendor of this country. You see, the NBA is a left-wing socialist sports organization. Economically, they are in bed with China. They support Black Lives Matter. And now they are talking about social justice. These are millionaires who do not vote. If they really care about social justice, tackle black crime. Let’s start working on school selection. But these millionaires are victims. And I think it’s insulting, this systematic discussion of discrimination. … Who is this Boogeyman who has carried out systematic discrimination? It doesn’t exist in America because of its flag, and because people gave it at the expense of much for this country.

You understand the idea. The national anthem is a culture to reveal the fault line between those who see old battle hymns and the American flag as an ideal beyond blame, and those who believe that patriotism depends on how the citizens of the country are treated. It is one of the problems with these hot buttons in war. Physically, it’s the 1776 Committee vs. the 1619 project. The rift is an origin story that each side tells, paying attention to Kilmead, how we came to play the national anthem before all the domestic sporting events in the United States, which is a very American phenomenon. It is reflected in.

In one version of the story, in Game 1 of the 1918 World Series, this practice between the Red Sox and the Cubs at Comiskey Park in Chicago was lost 17 months after the United States first entered. Born as a tribute to the over 100,000 soldiers who were killed. World War I – An attack that killed four people and injured 30 in addition to the bombing of the Federal Building in Chicago just four days ago.

In another version, the government adopted the national anthem as a daily pre-match tradition before and after the start of World War II when the government began drafting major league ball players for military service, allowing baseball owners to adopt their national anthem. It was a wise way to define a business, as patriotic and essential to the morale of the people. There are few selfless patriotism gestures, but it is a greedy self-interested gambit and very suitable for business.

The truth, like many others, lies somewhere in between. But finding a midpoint is not our strength these days. This probably explains why the NBA was folded like a lawn chair, rather than engaging in the perfectly rational conversation that Cuba was about to start. But the fact that it took nearly two months for everyone to notice tells us everything we need to know about how empty and fulfilling this ritual has become.

“During our game, most people don’t even appear in the national anthem. When they’re in the game, they don’t stop in the concourse. Some don’t even stand,” he said. I told the Morning News. “If people don’t respect it, I don’t want to play it, and if people don’t agree with what it represents and it’s used as a weapon, I don’t want to play it. . “

“I wanted to see if anyone noticed,” he added. “No one said a word.”

Do you keep politics away from sports? Mark Cuban tried it. Then all the hell was unleashed | NBA

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