Disney theme parks need masks indoors again

Anyone who wants to visit Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort in California, Florida will have to wear a face mask indoors again as cases of COVID-19 delta mutants continue to rise in both states. Hmm.

The entertainment giant updated its health guidelines at the end of Wednesday, adding a mandatory face mask for all guests over the age of 2 from Friday, regardless of vaccination status. According to the latest guidelines, visitors are required to wear masks when riding various modes of transportation in the park.

“From July 30th, all guests (aged 2+) are required to have a face cover indoors and on Disney buses, monorails and Disney Skyliners, regardless of vaccination status. It includes the entire attraction, “Disney posted on its website. .. The mask remains an option for outdoor guests, the company said.

Disneyland and Disney World were closed for more than 13 months and reopened in April and July, respectively, after losing billions of dollars in tickets and shops. A new mask mandate at a theme park will occur weeks after California and Florida begin to experience an increase in delta mutant cases.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the delta mutant strain is by far the predominant strain nationwide. CDC director Rochelle Walensky said at a Senate hearing on July 20 that he currently accounts for “83% of sequenced cases.”

Amusement park makes COVID related changes


An average of nearly 1,000 coronaviruses are added daily in California, an increase of 17% since late June, according to the Associated Press. State health officials say the delta mutant is the leading cause of COVID-19 death in California.The highly contagious stock has also shut down Hollywood movie production and plans to return to the office For tech companies like Twitter..

Growing concerns in Florida

A weekly report from the Florida Department of Health reveals that in southern Florida, the number of vaccinated people is declining, while the COVID-19 case rate is rising. .. It raises concerns among public health professionals.

Eileen Marty, an infectious disease specialist at Florida International University, said the delta mutant was “a much more contagious, more serious disease-causing, infection-promoting behavior newer, potentially more dangerous mutation. It also promotes body formation, “he told CBS Miami. It is rising. “

According to the Florida-based trade association International Amusement Park and Attractions Association, the blockade of the pandemic devastated the amusement park industry and caused an estimated $ 23 billion in losses. The association estimates that amusement park and theme park employees lost at least $ 770 million in wages in 2020.

Disney was the first major US amusement park to revive the requirement to wear indoor masks. Cedar Point Amusement Park, Ohio requires a mask indoors for guests who have not been fully vaccinated. Six Flags does not require visitors to wear masks, but says it recommends that unvaccinated people wear face covers. The same applies to Busch Gardens locations in Florida and Virginia and Dollywood in Tennessee.

At Adventureland Amusement Parks in New York, Rhode Island and Iowa, all guests over the age of 2 need a mask.

Disney theme parks need masks indoors again

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