Disagree with Trump and Bar says there is no widespread fraud

Washington – Attorney General William Barr disagreed with President Donald Trump’s deep-rooted allegations on Tuesday as the U.S. Department of Justice did not reveal evidence of widespread fraudulent voting that could change the outcome of the 2020 elections. Declared to be chanting.

Barr’s comments in an interview with the Associated Press contradicted Trump’s collaborative efforts to overturn last month’s vote and prevent Joe Biden from taking office at the White House in the presidential election. There is.

Mr. Barr told AP that U.S. lawyers and FBI agents are working to follow up on certain complaints and information received, but “so far, the scale that could have different outcomes in elections. No fraud was seen. “

Immediately criticized comments from Trump’s attorney were particularly noteworthy from Bar, one of the president’s most ardent allies. Prior to the election, he chose to vote by mail instead, fearing that Americans would go to polls, so mail voting could be particularly vulnerable to fraud during the coronavirus pandemic. I repeatedly raised the idea that there is sex.

In addition to Trump’s tastes, Barr appointed U.S. attorney John Durham as a special prosecutor in October in an interview with AP, and after Biden took over and made it, Trump-Russian investigation into the prosecutor. It is difficult to dismiss him, who revealed that he had empowered him to continue investigating the origin. Biden did not say he might investigate, and his transition team did not comment on Tuesday.

Mr. Trump has long opposed investigating whether the 2016 campaign is coordinating with Russia, but he and his Republican allies upset voters with results before the 2020 election. I was hoping that it would help. So far, there has been only one criminal case, and a former FBI attorney has convicted one false statement.

According to Mr. Barr, Durham’s investigation has narrowed down to focus on the actions of FBI agents involved in the Russian investigation known as the Crossfire Hurricane.

Under federal regulations, special prosecutors can only be dismissed by the Attorney General for specific reasons such as illegal activity, negligence of duty, and conflicts of interest. The Attorney General should document such reasons in writing.

The bar went to the White House on Tuesday and attended a previously scheduled meeting of about three hours.

Trump did not comment directly on the Attorney General’s remarks. However, his private attorney Rudy Giuliani and his political movement issued a bitter statement claiming that “in honor of the Attorney General, there were no similarities” in investigating the president’s complaints.

Other government officials who came out strongly against Trump’s allegations of fraudulent elections were fired. However, it is not clear if the bar will follow the same fate. He maintains a high position with Trump, and despite their differences, the two see quite a lot.

Still, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said, “I think he’ll be fired next.”

Last month, Barr ordered US prosecutors across the country to “substantially” if voting fraud exists, even though there was no evidence that fraud had spread before the 2020 presidential election was approved. I have allowed you to make a “complaint”.

The memorandum gave prosecutors the ability to circumvent long-standing Justice Department policies that would normally ban such explicit actions before the election was approved. Shortly after it was published, the department’s Supreme Election Criminal Authority announced that he would leave that position for notes.

Giuliani’s Trump campaign team has alleged a widespread Democratic plot to dump millions of illegal votes into the system without evidence. They filed multiple proceedings in fierce battle states, arguing that illegal things must have happened because party pollsters did not have a sufficiently clear view at polling stations in several places. It was. Allegations have been repeatedly dismissed, including the lack of evidence by the Republican judge who ruled the proceedings.

However, local Republicans in some fierce war states have followed Trump in making unsupported claims, raising serious concerns about potential damage to American democracy.

Trump himself continues to oppose the election in tweets and interviews, despite his own administration saying the 2020 election is the safest to date. He recently allowed his administration to begin the transition to Biden, but he still refuses to admit that he has lost.

The problem they pointed out is common in all elections. Mailed ballot signatures, secret envelopes, post mark issues, and a small number of ballots can be accidentally thrown or lost.

But they are going even further. Attorney Sydney Powell spun a fictional story of election software created “at the direction of Hugo Chavez” in Venezuela, an election system that reverses votes, a German server that stores US voting information. The late president of Venezuela, who died in 2013. After her interview, the legal team threatened to “blow up” Georgia in a “biblical” court submission.

Barr did not specifically nominate Powell, but said: “There is one claim that it is a systemic fraud and that it is a claim that the machine was essentially programmed to distort election results. And the DHS and DOJ investigated it, and so far. , I haven’t seen anything to prove it. “

In a campaign statement, Giuliani claimed that “there is ample evidence of illegal voting in at least six states and they have not investigated.”

“We have many witnesses under the oath that we have seen crimes committed in connection with fraudulent elections. As far as we know, one person was interviewed by the Justice Department. No. The Justice Department also does not audit voting machines or use subpoena authority to determine the truth. ”

But Mr. Barr earlier said that people confused the use of the federal criminal justice system with claims to be made in civil proceedings. He said the remedy for many complaints was a top-down audit by state or local officials, not the US Department of Justice.

“There is an increasing tendency to use the criminal justice system as a kind of default solution,” he said, but there must be grounds for believing that there is a crime to investigate first.

“Most of the fraudulent allegations are very specific to a particular situation or actor or act …. and they have been exhausted. They are devastated,” Barr said. “Some are broad and have the potential to cover thousands of votes. They have been followed up.”


Associated Press writers Lisa Mascaro and Eric Tucker contributed to this report.

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Disagree with Trump and Bar says there is no widespread fraud

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