Digital regulators have vowed to ‘pay close attention to algorithms’ this year

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The four UK regulators playing in the management of digital and data services have joined forces this year to increase their focus on the use of the algorithms – as well as “serious issues” to the community they represent.

The Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum (DRCF) covers the Competition and Markets Authority, Financial Intelligence Authority, Ofcom, and the Information Commission.

The council released its annual report and action plan for the 2022/23 financial year. An important part of his work in the coming year will be to “support the improvement of algorithmic transparency”. The topic is the subject of two new papers published from the DRCF, which are inviting ideas.

Announcing a public call for “opinions on the benefits and risks of using systems and applications in the algorithm”, the conference found that “it is common to transfer the algorithm and often necessary ”.

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“However, algorithmic systems … are a big problem, if used without care,” he added. “They can introduce or exaggerate negative things that lead to discriminatory decisions or negative consequences that promote inequality. They can be used to mislead customers and change. Administrators need to work together to explain the nature and severity of these problems and take steps to reduce them, so that they can help to improve them. and the introduction of algorithmic management systems in safe and responsible ways in relation to innovation and the customer.

Anyone wishing to leave their opinion on using the algorithms until June 8 will do so. It can be sent by email to

The Competition and Markets Authority last year launched an Analyzing Algorithms program to “understand and question” the use of automated computer systems, both in the current areas of the customer’s purview. and things to come in the future. To lead its work in this area, CMA opened earlier this year a contract at a £ 100,000-a-year position as head of algorithm analysis and technology.

“The future is important – but by working together as a regulator and interacting with others, we hope the DRCF will make a significant contribution to the digital landscape. of the UK to the needs of people and businesses online, ”said the DRCF official. executive Gill Whitehead. “Some of those places are algorithms. Whether you’re scrolling through social media, watching movies or deciding on dinner, the algorithms are solid but hidden behind our digital lives. .

“That’s good news for most of us a lot of the time, but there’s a downside to algorithms. They can be used to their detriment and misused because they’re not clear to the industry. them to systems and software. As regulators, we need to make sure the benefits are won. “

Other key areas identified in the conference plan for next year are: child protection online; promote competition and privacy in online advertising; and even responsible business innovation.

Digital regulators have vowed to ‘pay close attention to algorithms’ this year

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