Digital Minister: ‘I’m one from a Luddite – but I’m catching this with interest’

After publicly announcing a new plan for digital government, the Minister admitted in its implementation that he had transformed himself to win his technological battles in the weeks since his election.

However, the response to her unveiling of the Whitehall public offering reveals another problem – the unpunished words – that seem to continue to be problems for Heather Wheeler.

After giving his opening remarks at an event last week to mark the launch of the project. Public technology asked Wheeler, a parliamentary secretary in the Cabinet, how he had changed his new ministerial brief. He was appointed to his post – overseeing the Government Digital Service and Central Digital and Data Office – in mid -February.

Wheeler (pictured above) realizing that he had long considered himself “one from a Luddite”.

“The Ministers have signed this plan. And, as it turns out, no one has been arrested for seconds, trying to throw this in the box.

“I’m going to have a hard time figuring out where the bit behind the computer is going to do the bit in front of the computer,” he said. “And I really like using the mouse! I don’t want to use that square in the middle, with your fingers moving around. So this is available… [not just about] about changing the civil service: about changing Minister Wheeler! But it’s fun – it’s really fun. “

The latest innovations in his working life included an electric power of his red box – the name given in cases where ministers took government documents.

“We are going there. So instead of taking the box off the weekend – full of papers – I got this box… The first time I tried to open something on top, I got the official iPad , the government computer, and the government iPhone – and I have to go through all three. And I think: ‘How is this going to save the world ?! I have to work hard on all these things ’. Of course, that was a small problem – and we’re done with it now. And I capture this with interest because, of course, if I can do it – then anyone can do it. “

He added that he hoped to strengthen his new skills through practice teaching.

Digital design and data management – so -called Change for the futureand set a range of goals for the three -year period through March 2025 – including a commitment to “more than 90% of senior civil service providers have increased access to digital and digital services. with critical data, including in -house training and development ”.

The minister said he would soon join “some of the masterclasses that senior government officials attend in the summer and try and learn more”.

‘Blackpool and Birmingham’
Wheeler was appointed to the Cabinet – which made him 12 different ministers to take care of the digital government in under seven years – his first ministerial position since February 2020., Community and Community Government, and he has become a government wheel and facilitator – the last job he will take care of with the digital government brief.

He was first elected Conservative MP for South Derbyshire in the 2010 general election, before serving as a councilor in the London borough of Wandsworth and then in South Derbyshire – where he became He chaired the conference in 2007.

Prior to his job, he worked in the insurance industry and was a professional insurance agent.

Since entering parliament, Wheeler has repeatedly denounced the protest in public, with tweets published during the Rio Olympics that contained a display of a medal table to show measuring the “British Empire” in the same way.

In 2019, as a homeless minister, he told hard -sleepers in his constituency that “the traditional, the old -fashioned, the wandering knife -cutters”.

He apologized for using the “inappropriate language” “which is not a symbol of the great cultural learning and rich heritage of the Gypsies, Romans and the traveling communities that made this country”.

An atonement came after last week’s event.

Shortly before he began to realize his inaugural address, the minister shared a brief anecdote about an earlier report he gave at a conference in “Blackpool or Birmingham – or a godawful place”. . The remarks, which are now being criticized by an incoming journalist, have been criticized by fellow MPs and local government officials – as well as granting a temporary pay leave to each. this journey. .

“While speaking at the conference on Friday, I made an inappropriate statement that didn’t reflect my true knowledge,” Wheeler said. “I am sorry for any wrong done.”

The way the pardon was released – via Twitter – may be another indication of the growth of technology and the minister’s interest, which he said has received a lot of attention. his fellow countrymen. He said ministers and senior officials would support the new plan, which included promises to improve citizen services, increase skills across departments, and improve efficiency and effectiveness. use of the data.

“I got this… [not just about] about changing the civil service: about changing Minister Wheeler! But it’s fun – it’s really fun. “

“We’re not playing about the forest: I’m not the young minister of state,” Wheeler said. “The beauty is that the young ministers have this – so they don’t have to kick and cry at that. [my team] it is necessary to be patient. But the idea: I got it on the line, and I’m there now. I was elected on February 14, it was a happy day, and here we are in June – and I got it. And this is a great joy to do; I work with some amazing projects, and what happened at this event was that all of these people were from different departments – you can imagine how excited they were, they really wanted to do this. And we work together.

He added: “The Ministers have actually signed this. And, of course, the perm seconds have not been recorded [either], trying to put this in the box behind the cup – nothing has been done so far. And the ministers were very interested. ”

Digital Minister: ‘I’m one from a Luddite – but I’m catching this with interest’

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