Did Kyler Murray get an extension from the Cardinals?

Kyler Murray have been waiting for a long-term deal from Arizona Cardinaland it looks like he’s finally nearing an extension.

Based on multiple reportsTalks are proceeding smoothly and it is “very reasonable” that the two sides could reach an agreement on a deal before the camp opens on July 26.

The question is, does Murray, who is not expected to play for the Cards without a new contract, deserve it?

Emmanuel Acho and Marcellus Wiley discussed the topic “Speak For Yourself.”

“The extension for Kyler Murray will be a minimum of four years, $160 million, and it will be fully guaranteed,” Acho said. “That’s the main reason now. That’s what Dak Prescott got, so when we talk about extensions, we’re talking about a minimum average salary of around $40 million per year.”

Kyler Murray extension ‘makes a lot of sense’

Kyler Murray extension 'makes a lot of sense'

Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho debate whether Kyler Murray deserves an extension from the Arizona Cardinals.

“If I pay you that much money, I need two things to come true but at least one. I want you to be a baller, and I want you to be a good reflection of the team,” added Acho.

Acho cites Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers as high-paid quarterbacks who, for the most part, fit the bill in both categories. He went on to claim that Murray’s lack of maturity left him lacking in “a good reflection of the team”.

“He’s not a good reflection of the team because as the face of the team, he deleted all the rest of the Cardinals on his social media, then brought them back,” said Acho. “It’s just a very immature thing to do if you might get $160 million. If Murray acted immaturely without $160 million, imagine how he would act with $160 million. I don’t think he gets the right to be that high. paid.”

On the other hand, Marcellus Wiley shares why he believes the 24-year-old signal-caller deserves to be paid now, despite coming out of a rather tumultuous season with the Cardinals.

“I agree Kyler Murray is getting his money now… He deserves it. He [has] improved every year. The team has improved every year with him. He’s a baller,” said Wiley. “This team couldn’t function without Kyler Murray now, and what are your options? Will you find another prospect who will at least get to where Kyler Murray is now or surpass him? The chances are slim to none.”

The two-time pro bowler has shown great potential in his career so far. Over 14 games last season, Murray threw 3,787 yards and 24 touchdowns with 10 interceptions while completing 69.2% of his passes. Despite starting the 2021 season with a hot 7-0 scoreline, the Cardinals failed to get past their last 10 games to finish 11-6 before losing a wild-card game to the Los Angeles Rams.

Murray’s messy relationship with the organization then takes center stage, with Murray for a while scrubbing his Instagram of every Cardinal mention. In April, the Cardinals exercised a fifth-year option on Murray’s rookie contract, guaranteeing him an estimated $29 million for 2023. However, Murray has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with his current contract situation and his desire for a long-term contract extension.

Cards general manager Steve Keim has repeatedly said there are “zero chance“Murray will exchange this end of season and that “nothing has changed in terms of him being our long-term and short-term quarterback.”

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Did Kyler Murray get an extension from the Cardinals?

Source link Did Kyler Murray get an extension from the Cardinals?

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