DFW Winter Storm: North Texas ice, freezing rain, sleet forecast

A winter storm warning has been issued for all of North Texas.

DALLAS—Icy, not snowy, winter weather is heading to North Texas in the next few days.

In English: Clima en Dallas-Fort Worth ahora: Aviso de clima invernal por el Norte de Texas

Here’s what you need to know to best prepare.

  • Freezing drizzle and freezing rain could hit much of DFW and North Texas Monday through Wednesday
  • Roads and travel may be affected during this time
  • Ice glaze is possible on Monday
  • Smooth and treacherous travel can occur Tuesday through Wednesday morning
  • Forecasts continue to be adjusted, so check back for updates!

winter storm warning

A winter storm warning is in effect for all of northern Texas through 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Freezing rain and sleet will roll across North Texas over the next few days. Ice can accumulate in the range of 0.10″ to 0.50″ across the area.



Intermittent freezing drizzles or freezing light rains can occur during the morning hours and can coat raised surfaces with an icy glaze. Bridge overpasses may be smoothed in locations north and west around D-FW.

Intermittent heavy rains and sleet are possible from noon through the afternoon across northern Texas. This just creates additional icy conditions on bridges, flyovers, and roads.

Expect your afternoon and evening commute to be slow and smooth in places.

Monday Night – All Day Tuesday

Ice storms are most likely from late Monday night to all day Tuesday. A total of 0.10 inches to perhaps 0.25 inches looks possible.

Frozen roads, bridges and overpasses can occur when temperatures remain below freezing all day. Travel can be smooth and dangerous for most of North Texas. Traveling on Tuesdays is not recommended unless absolutely necessary.

Tuesday night to Wednesday morning

Freezing rain and drizzle are likely for most of North Texas.

How far the rain will spread or how much it will be is a bit uncertain at this point. However, icy roads and dangerous travel can still occur.

Wednesday afternoon to night

Temperatures can rise below freezing east from D-FW. Might be so.

When it does occur, it transforms the freezing into a mere cold rain.

For those of you who are getting warmer to sub-zero temperatures, or who aren’t keeping an eye on temperatures and weather forecasts, it may be just around the corner.

total ice

It’s very difficult to pinpoint the exact amount for everyone. Honestly, the difference between 0.13″ ice and 0.22″ ice doesn’t make a difference in how it affects you.

Also, this forecast is a combination of sleet and freezing rain. Some see sleet and freezing rain, or vice versa.

Frozen bridges and overpasses may also be frozen.

Areas with high totals are more likely to experience tree damage and power outage issues.

This is important!

This is a very complex and active forecast. Everything you see depends on temperature. Also, the amount of precipitation in any region affects the amount of ice.

Please be careful this week. We will continue to bring you the latest information.

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