DfE will provide £ 145k for the recruitment of the head of technology

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The Department of Education is looking for a new employee and is offering a salary of up to £ 145,000 a year for the right candidate – who needs to have digital knowledge and information.

Former Boots CEO Mike Green, who joined DfE in 2012, is now COO. The COO is responsible for overseeing the DfE’s £ 80bn-plus annual budget and overseeing key business operations, including HR, marketing, management and crisis management, and finance. They lead the Operations and Infrastructure Team.

DfE executive secretary Susan Acland-Hood said the ideal candidate is a “nurturing” COO who can lead well in a variety of careers and activities.

“This is an important responsibility to lead systems across the entire education system, and activities for the industry, with our core programs, digital, data and technology, human resources, finance, commerce, management. , stress, and persistence. , “he said.” Your work here will shape the lives of children and students, and the knowledge of those who do our business above and below the ground – their homes to learn and learn in, the technology they will use, and the resources to maintain them, as well. as well as how the DfE is supported and driven at its best. If you want to change lives, and the knowledge to make good teams, I want to hear from you.

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Candidates will also have the knowledge to lead a large business, rely on their money and business skills, have a passion for people and develop skills and a determination to improve. to the education system, says Acland-Hood.

He also highlighted the importance of being interested in information, data and technology.

The DfE COO job is one of the top 200 jobs in the civil service, according to the applicant-information pack.

Applications for the job must be open until Friday, April 22, with the office hoping to hold interviews from the end of May.

Interviews will include civil services commissioner Paul Kernaghan, who will oversee the process; Acland-Hood; and Cat Little, DG of public finance at the Treasury and head of Public Finance.

Candidates can be based in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Coventry, Darlington, Nottingham and Bristol.

DfE will provide £ 145k for the recruitment of the head of technology

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