Details of another MoD data breach revealed

A second information breach was discovered within a few days by the Ministry of Defense (MOD). This can threaten the safety of dozens of Afghans.

The BBC said individuals whose details were disclosed may have been eligible to move to the United Kingdom under the Afghanistan Migration Assistance Policy (ARAP).

A data breach occurred earlier this month after the ARAP team sent an email to 55 people. By mistake, the email address was visible to all recipients instead of being blind-copied to protect the recipient’s identity.

Under the ARAP arrangement, any Afghan who has supported British troops in Afghanistan, such as an interpreter, can apply for immigration to the United Kingdom.

If the information falls into the wrong hands, these people may be at higher risk. The Taliban are known for their relentless treatment of those who have worked with the British Army.

“We noticed a data breach caused by Afghanistan’s relocation and support policy team earlier this month,” a MoD spokesman told the BBC that the Defense Minister had ordered an investigation.

A spokeswoman added that “appropriate measures” have been taken to prevent such incidents from repeating.

“We apologize to those affected and are providing additional support.”

This is the second time such a violation has come to light. Defense Minister Ben Wallace said staff were suspended this week due to a previous breach in which the email addresses of more than 250 Afghan interpreters (who worked in the British Army) were misrepresented in the House of Commons. Told.

This email was sent to an interpreter who remained in Afghanistan or could contact another country. Their email address was visible to all recipients, with their names and some associated profile pictures.

Wallace described the breach as an “unacceptable level of service” and disappointed thousands of members of the British and veterans.

“Apologize to Afghans and Home affected by this data breach. [the Home Office] We are currently working with them to provide security advice. “

He added that military minister James Heappey was in the area and was in contact with neighboring states to see what he could do further.

MoD has notified the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of the breach.

An ICO spokesman told the BBC that he hopes that personal information will be processed securely, especially if the leak can have catastrophic consequences, including potentially life-threatening consequences.

Former Conservative Defense Minister Johnny Mercer, who served in Afghanistan, said he was concerned that many of these violations would surface in the coming days.

“From the beginning I was worried about how these individuals were treated. When Kabul fell, everything was in a hurry to the door, so these mistakes were inevitable,” he said. Said.

“I personally think we couldn’t bring out the people we really shouldn’t have and bring out most of the people we should-the scale of what’s happening here. I think I’ve just started learning. “

Details of another MoD data breach revealed

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