Despite Other Losses, Republicans Make History in South Texas Legislative Election

Rio Grande Valley, Texas (Nexstar) — South Texas’s “red wave” wasn’t as big as Republicans had hoped, but Congressman-elect Monica Made history by becoming the first Republican to represent the House of Representatives 15 times. area.

After running for the same seat in 2020, Monica de la Cruz won Tuesday’s election, representing the long-standing Democratic stronghold of the Rio Grande Valley.

De la Cruz won her competitive congressional election in South Texas after spending a lot of time and money in the region aiming to make all three blue seats red. was one of us.

The race between de la Cruz and up-and-coming Michelle Vallejo was arguably Texas’ most competitive House race. De la Cruz has kept pace with Trump, a conservative, anti-Biden agenda focused on issues like border security and immigration. Vallejo invested primarily in reproductive rights and access to affordable health care, and advocated for personal ties with the community.

“I want people to know that my win is not just a Republican win,” De La Cruz said at her election party in McAllen. “This is a win for all of South Texas.”

Foreign money poured into De La Cruz’s campaign, raising more than $4.3 million. Vallejo, on the other hand, attracted significant donations from state donors, but did not see the same level of investment from Democrats across the country.

De La Cruz’s victory was historic for her party, but Democrats were quick to denounce claims of a “red wave” in the region.

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa wrote on Twitter: “There weren’t any red waves in south Texas. Not even red ripples. If the Austin and DC Republicans can barely make it through this one win here, they’ll probably pack their bags and drive hell out of this area.” You have to understand that you should get out of

Two other key congressional seats in the Rio Grande Valley contested by Republicans went to Democratic incumbents. Laredo Rep. Henry Queller defeated challenger Kathy Garcia in the 28th District of Texas.

Garcia admitted on Tuesday night. writing on twitter“I tried my best, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough.”

Democratic incumbent in the 15th District, Rep. Vincente Gonzalez, switched to running in the Texas-adjacent 34th District after a re-election district was set up in his area that favored Republicans. Gonzalez defeated incumbent Republican Congressman Mayra Flores, who revitalized the National Party after winning a seat in June’s special election.

“RED WAVE DID NOT HAPPEN” Flores said on Twitter“Republicans and independents stayed home. If you didn’t do your part, don’t complain about the results!”

This is a developing story. Please check the latest information. Monica Madden will have a full report on her KXAN at 5pm. Despite Other Losses, Republicans Make History in South Texas Legislative Election

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