Deputy Secretary of Defense orders USS Nimitz to stay in the Middle East because of the threat of Iran

The Pentagon said on Sunday that the carrier USS Nimitz and its carrier strike group would remain in the Middle East after Iran threatened President Trump and other senior U.S. government officials.

“The recent threats by Iranian leaders against President Trump and other senior U.S. government officials have ordered USS Nimitz to suspend regular relocations,” Deputy Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller said in a statement. .. “USS Nimitz is currently stationed in the USS Nimitz operational area. You should not doubt the determination of the United States.”

File: The USS Nimitz aircraft carrier passes through the Arabian Sea.
(US Navy via AP)

The announcement came after the Pentagon announced that it had withdrawn its aircraft from the area before it celebrated its first anniversary of the killing of Iran’s highest military general, Qasem Soleimani.

It was called a “sign to lift escalation” after Iranian leaders threatened revenge on military leaders for the deaths of President Trump and Solei Mani.

At a rally to commemorate the anniversary of Solei Mani’s murder, Iran’s Attorney General Ebrahim Raisi said, “President Trump, who appeared as a murderer or ordered a murder, may not be affected by the justice being carried out. I don’t think it’s sexual. ”

Trump’s term of office remains for more than three weeks, raising tensions between the United States and Iran. Last week, the U.S. launched a strategic B-52 bomber as a power show that U.S. military officials said it intended to warn Iran of carrying out attacks on U.S. forces and interests. I flew over Iran.

Procession in Baghdad, Solei Mani Anniversary marked with candlelight vigil

A week ago, Trump warned Iran that he would be held liable for an attack targeting Americans in Iraq, and the United States detected signs that Iran was preparing for a possible attack on the target of the United States or its Iraqi allies. I told reporters that I did. Or elsewhere in the Middle East.

Trump recently quoted “chattering” that Iran might attack. Trump tweeted that Iran was notified a few days after the December 20 rocket attack on the US embassy in Baghdad by a group of Iran-backed Shiite militias.

“Friendly health advice for Iran: I’ll hold Iran accountable if an American is killed. Think again,” Trump said on December 23. “I’m hearing about an additional attack on Americans in Iraq.”

The United States has maintained an almost continuous presence of aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf region since USS Abraham Lincoln was dispatched in May 2019, as it could lead to escalations that could lead to a broader war. We have sought to thwart additional attacks on Iran. Concerns that Iran was considering attacking US interests in the region. The United States also sent additional land attack aircraft to reestablish the military presence in Saudi Arabia.

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Nimitz was deployed from the United States in April and was scheduled to return by the end of the year. In early December, due to concerns about a potential threat to Iran, the planned return was postponed and recently ordered to assist US troops in their departure off the coast of Somalia.

The Associated Press contributed to this report..

Deputy Secretary of Defense orders USS Nimitz to stay in the Middle East because of the threat of Iran

Source link Deputy Secretary of Defense orders USS Nimitz to stay in the Middle East because of the threat of Iran

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