Denver Broncos’ Von Miller flaunts a new woman after accusing him of wanting a miscarriage


The NFL star himself denied his claim that former fiancé Megan Dennis prayed for a miscarriage, and she said she was “crazy” after their dissolution.

Von MillerHis relationship with ex-Megan Denise became sour following their division. An outside linebacker at Denver Broncos was accused of wanting a miscarriage from his ex-fiancé after she told him about her pregnancy.

According to a screenshot of a text conversation she had with Fong and their foetation, the NFL star is said to have told her, “I honestly pray for a miscarriage.” “I want to know everyone. This is everyone’s MVP,” Megan wrote in a screenshot posted on his Instagram story.

In another explosive exchange, Fong told him, “F ** king disappears !! And gets an abortion! F ** king because you’re excited for this.” She replied, ” SMH I was disappointed. You have made me pregnant for years. Cut it out. Now “I don’t want to be you”. I don’t say anything to regret. ” She added “BOY BYE” to the screenshot.

Fong later went to his own Instagram page to respond to Megan’s claim. Denying the claim, he called it “fake news” and then added, “Laughs. The reality of someone leaving you literally makes a crazy person. A classic trap.”

But Megan hadn’t exposed him yet. She shared more of their nasty farewell receipts and said, “Make my boy more relaxed. Everyone over there knows I have !! Go me there Please don’t let me do it. ” She continued to share her message with other victims of abuse. It’s all mine in 2021. ”

Fong is not responding to Megan’s latest post again. He seems to be obsessed with his new relationship as he is depicted as making friends with another woman.

Meanwhile, a 31-year-old soccer player was slammed on Twitter over a drama with his ex-fiancé.Fellow athletes and professional basketball players Ramon Cremont “AwwwwmannnnVonMiller is a wildinggggggggnowayyyyyyy.” Comedian Matt Fernandez “Von Miller is arguably one of the greatest Pacific League slashers of all time. He’s here trying to fire people before he’s born.”

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