Democrats promote bills to allow college athletes to organize

College athletes will have the right to organize schools and conferences and bargain collectively under a bill submitted by Democrats in the House and Senate on Thursday.

Senator Chris Murphy (Connecticut) and Bernie Sanders (Vermont) have announced the Organizing Rights Act for college athletes.

“Big-time college sports haven’t been’amateurs’ for a long time, and the NCAA has long denied the player’s financial and bargaining rights while treating them like commodities,” Murphy said in a statement. I did.

The NCAA said the bill “directly undermines the university’s goal of earning a degree.” “Turning student athletes into union members is not the answer,” he added.

The companion bill was submitted to the House of Representatives by lawmakers Jamal Bowman (NY), Andy Levin (Mich.) And Lori Trahan (Mass.). The bill amends the National Labor Relations Act to define university athletes who receive grants directly from schools as employees.


The movement to unite college football players at Northwestern University was rejected by the National Labor Relations Board in 2015.

Murphy and Trahan are one of several federal lawmakers on both parties who have previously introduced legislation relating to college athletes who are allowed to make money for the use of names, images and portraits.

The NCAA has sought help from Congress as it seeks to reform its rules to allow athletes to be paid for nominations, personal appearances, and signatures.

Several states, including Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi, have legislation that will come into effect on July 1st, opening the NIL market to college athletes.

The NCAA also hopes to introduce news rules by July 1.

NCAA’s current proposal for NIL allows athletes to enter into financial arrangements with third parties. Schools are prohibited from engaging in transactions or paying athletes.


The NCAA has relaxed restrictions on how athletes can be compensated for years, but sticks to the idea that they are not employees.

Murphy is one of the loudest advocates of college athlete rights at Capitol Hill. His latest bill overturns the college model, helps athletes “get the rewards and protection they deserve,” and forces the NCAA to “treat them equally, not second-class citizens. This is civil rights. It’s a matter of basic fairness. “

If Murphy’s bill becomes law, athletes will be granted employee status and both public and private universities will be considered employers under the amended NLRA.

The NLRB will consider universities within the conference portion of the “negotiation unit”.

The bill also protects the tax status of athletic scholarships and other benefits and prohibits schools from requiring athletes to waive their right to collective bargaining.

“NCAA and its affiliates support student athletes through scholarships. Many of the scholarships cover all costs of education without debt. There are many other benefits,” said the governing body. I made a statement.


“NCAA members are also working to update the rules for names, images and portraits, so student athletes can benefit from these opportunities …. we continue to work with MPs. We will work together to focus on issues that are in line with our priorities. “

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Democrats promote bills to allow college athletes to organize

Source link Democrats promote bills to allow college athletes to organize

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