Demi Lovato over her comment on DMX overdose

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The singer “Dancing with the Devil” has been accused of causing the rapper’s dire situation about her because the hip-hop artist’s medical condition admitted that she “frightened” her.

Demi Lovato I caught some anti-aircraft guns in her comment DMXOverdose allegedly caused his heart attack. At the age of 28, when asked in an interview about her views on the rapper’s current dire situation, she thought of her own nearly deadly overdose.

She admitted that she had experienced a “survivor guilt”, but fans of the sick star weren’t impressed with how the singer / actress somehow created his unfortunate situation about herself. .. “Oh, Demi Lovato didn’t just make a DMX overdose about himself,” he took to Twitter following an interview with Demi.

Another said, “Demi Lovato said the 21 Savage situation Trina jumped into the fun, but now she has something to say about the DMX situation. I have her Mardi Gras mask. Tired of facing **, “he added. The third person claimed that she was making DMX “pain / suffering” about her.

However, Demi’s fans rushed to her defense. “For the past three years, everyone has called Demi Lovato a heroin addict and she said she should do an overdose, and when DMX is in a vegetative state for his OD, you She’s still proving her rights, implying that she should. “Did she OD about what DMX is experiencing?

Another said, “I don’t know where I got the idea that everyone is compassionate because many have joked about Demi Lovato’s overdose. Joke and terrible comments about DMX are in Lovato. It’s less than I saw. ”

In an interview with TMZ posted on Tuesday, April 6, Demi admitted that an overdose of DMX “scared” her. “Of course. When I see someone OD or die, I immediately think,’If I hadn’t done all this work in the last few years of my life, I would have done it,'” she said. ..

The 28-year-old revealed that she sometimes asked herself, “Why am I still here? Why is there no one else?” But since then, she realized that “every day is a day when no one else can get it,” and learned to thank it. “Every day I’m on this planet is a day when I need to count, appreciate, and thank my blessings,” she said.

DMX was hospitalized on Friday night, April 2, with a heart attack that may have been caused by an overdose. He was put into a life support system because the manager revealed that there was little brain activity. On Monday, his family, friends, and fans gathered outside the White Plains Hospital in New York, where he is currently being treated, to hold a prayer rally.

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