Delayed vaccination leaves a deadly third wave of COVID crippling South African hospitals

Johannesburg — The coronavirus pandemic is still hitting countries with very low vaccination rates. South Africa is currently the hardest hit. In South Africa, first responders work 24 hours a day as hospitals run out of rooms in the deadly third wave. COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Infection.

South Africa is gaining momentum for vaccination, but CBS News correspondent Debora Patta has so far been fully vaccinated due to delays in launch and recent delays caused by political turmoil. It reports that only about 3% of the population can do it. The shot was too late to stop the death toll from the third wave driven by the Delta variant.

The constant mourning of ambulance sirens is the soundtrack to reigniting a country where the virus is barely vaccinated.

Paramedic Mohammed Rasul had no rest for more than two months. Calls arrive all day long and all calls require urgent hospital care but lack space.

“The hospital beds are full,” he told Patta. “I don’t have an ICU bed. It’s pretty bad at the moment.”

A COVID-19 patient is lying in bed at a non-profit COVID-19 care facility in Norwood, Johannesburg, South Africa, on July 12, 2021.


When he pulled up with yet another patient who, like everyone else, was in great need of medical oxygen, he replaced him alongside other ambulances outside the hospital and in bed. The wait has started.

Patta visited one completely overwhelmed hospital this week, but had no ICU beds. She saw a seriously ill patient left to wait outside for a bed to become available or to try another hospital.

For Rasool’s latest patients, there were tears of relief when the space opened. Often it means that another patient has died.

There is a desperate lack of oxygen. At least 50 canisters are delivered daily at the state hospitals Patta visited, but that’s not enough.

To make up for the shortage, volunteers set up an emergency field hospital to give breathless people a break. It was full within a few hours of opening.

Africa faces a shortage of COVID-19 vaccine …


Dr. Fatima Lambert has been working non-stop for 16 months at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 in South Africa.

“Emotionally, mentally, physically … you’re already exhausted. I haven’t had a break since last March and I still have to get up, so keep going,” she told Patta.

She said the third wave resulted in even more serious illness and death than the previous two.

Last week Violent riots in South AfricaIt just made things worse, fueled by poverty and hunger. Medical warehouses were looted and security forces were diverted from drug escorts as they tried to curb riots and looting. In other words, important supplies did not reach their destination.

More than 70 people died during South African riot week


“Not only is there a lack of oxygen, but there is also a lack of beds,” Lambert told CBS News. “You put the two together, it’s a complete disaster.”

And the rapid spread of delta variants continues to outpace domestic vaccinations.

Despite the availability of both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses, many vaccination sites were forced to close last week during riots, further hampering vaccination efforts.

Authorities are now concerned that violence could encourage a larger surge in COVID cases and put more pressure on hospitals that are already at their limits.

Delayed vaccination leaves a deadly third wave of COVID crippling South African hospitals

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