Deion Sanders Claims Bassmaster Celebrity Fishing Title

Lewisville, Texas — Lake Ray Roberts will be filled with the best fishermen in the world as the Bassmaster Classic, a super bowl of fishing, rises to the water this weekend.

And Deion Sanders is not one of them.

The former Dallas Cowboys were just one of the big names who took part in the Bassmaster Celebrity Fishing Tournament on Wednesday at Lake Lewisville prior to Friday’s main event.

Another former cowboy Marcus Spears, the famous Sheryl Swoopes basketball, country singer Jimmie Allen, and country duo Maddy and Te joined the Sanders.

Sanders didn’t interview, but there was a lot to say to Swoops.

“Look at her nails,” exclaimed Sanders, pointing to the freshly groomed hand of Swoop. “Do you think she’s going to touch the fish with that nail?”

Forget about fish. Like Sanders, all the famous anglers threw a lot of bait before casting the line.

“When the boat carries me and hits the surface, I’m going to win,” Spears said.

“He was a former cowboy fan, so he was used to promising highs and getting lows,” Allen joked.

Allen, who grew up fishing in Delaware, doesn’t hate cowboys. He just wants to win.

“Someone has to lose and I don’t want it to be me,” he said.

Spears says he’s not him because he believes that time at the cowboys gives him a clear advantage.

“This lake here,” he said, referring to Lake Lewisville. “I’ve been fishing in this lake for 14 years.”

“So when was he last fishing on this lake,” Swoops asked. “Because things may be different”

Unlike Bassmaster Classic, there are no trophies or prizes. Instead, the winner donates to one charity of his choice.

But he argues that if Spears wins as he says, it will serve two major goals.

“And my ego,” he said. “Yes, my ego. I’m not ashamed of that.”

But he will be ashamed of this. The 12-pound, 8-ounce fish Deion Sanders won.

It wasn’t the main event, but it’s easy to believe in Deion’s eyes that it’s rated as Bassmaster Classic.

Bassmaster Classic runs from Friday to Sunday at Lake Ray Roberts.

Learn more about how to join the Outdoor Bassmaster Classic.

Deion Sanders Claims Bassmaster Celebrity Fishing Title

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