Dee Snider called Ted Nugent’s COVID-19 diagnosis “karma” and urged people not to vaccinate

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Joining the Twisted Sister frontman and calling for conservative rockers are musician Sebastian Bach, who says he doesn’t sympathize with Asian hatred, and Danco Jones, who blows up Ted as a “huge village idiot.”

Dee Snider No sympathy Ted Nugent People who test positive for COVID-19 after regenerating the virus. After a conservative locker opened up about his illness, the former went to Twitter to blow up Progan’s political activists, suggesting that Ted’s COVID diagnosis was “karma.”

On Tuesday, April 20, he added the hashtag “#karmasab *” and tweeted, “People suffered and died while Ted literally called the Covid Bulls.” ** h. ”

Reverberating Dee emotions, Canadian musicians Sebastian Bach Retweet Twisted Sister In a lead singer’s post, “I have no sympathy for hatred in Asia. I want to give up my hatred, but I can quickly regain my hatred. I use the word N. I have sympathy for the people I met. “No.” “All these musicians don’t accept it like me or Dee, and we’re bigger than them,” he added.

Dee Snider and Sebastian Bach respond to Ted Nugent's COVID-19 diagnosis

Sebastian also appeared to cast a shadow on Ted when he called on people to blame China for catching the virus. “If you’re stupid enough to believe that masks and vaccines don’t work, don’t blame Covid in China. blame the fact that you’re a sad old white racist who is too ignorant and doesn’t even know the basics. “Please, the instinct of survival,” he wrote in another tweet, urging people to “take a shot.”

Sebastian Bach responds to Ted Nugent's COVID-19 diagnosis

Alex Skolnick He mocked the sick star by posting a screenshot of an article about Ted’s opposition to the vaccine and another article about his COVID-19 diagnosis. “How it started … how it’s going,” he captioned.

Dee reposted it and wrote in the caption, “It’s just … very … beautiful!” Danko Jones In response to Alex’s tweet, he wrote, “I said it many times, but again. @ TedNugent is a huge village idiot.”

Dee Snider responds to Ted Nugent's COVID-19 diagnosis

Danko Jones Responds to Ted Nugent's COVID-19 Diagnosis

Tracy He just captioned Alex’s post with a man with an emoji on his face and expressed his opinion in his own words in another tweet. “Frankly, Ted got sick. Just as he didn’t have enough foresight to trust science, I’m sick as well,” he emphasizes. did. “Is it worth dying loudly, confidently and accidentally?”

Traci responds to Ted Nugent's COVID-19 diagnosis

Traci responds to Ted Nugent's COVID-19s diagnosis

Ted published the diagnosis on Facebook live video on Monday, shortly after the test was positive.An ardent supporter of the former US president Donald Trump Calling the coronavirus a “Chinese virus attack,” he confessed that he was very ill and afraid of the worst while spitting out racist rhetoric promoted by the former president.

“I’ve had the flu symptoms for the last 10 days. I thought I was dying. It’s just a cold,” said a 72-year-old man. “I was positive today. I was infected with a Chinese. My head was full and my body hurt. What a pain my god. Finally I could hardly crawl out of bed. A few days … so I was officially tested today for COVID-19. ”

Despite getting sick from the disease, Ted reiterated his recent vow not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, falsely claiming that “no one knows what’s in it.”

Dee Snider called Ted Nugent’s COVID-19 diagnosis “karma” and urged people not to vaccinate

Source link Dee Snider called Ted Nugent’s COVID-19 diagnosis “karma” and urged people not to vaccinate

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