“De Santis Derangement Syndrome” hits the media, Dems as 2024 approaches

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is enthusiastic and often factual from Democrats and liberal journalists as he prepares for a re-election in 2022, with speculation that he will run for president in 2024. It became a lightning rod for challenging attacks.

This attack gave rise to the new term “DeSantis Derangement Syndrome”.

Recently, some media have faced a backlash after politicizing the tragic housing collapse in Surfside, Florida. It is feared that dozens of people may have died.

WAPO reporter accused of forging false information about DESANTIS’s FEMA response

Washington Post reporter Hannah Dreier has been accused of misleading people about Desantis’ response to the crisis.

On Saturday, Dreamer posted a report on FEMA’s response to the collapse of the building. From a FEMA statement, she concluded that DeSantis had been waiting for more than 24 hours to provide emergency relief to the victims.

“There is a saying in emergency management that the first 24 hours are only 24 hours,” she tweeted. “FEMA was ready to deploy to the condominium collapse almost immediately and included the crisis in its daily briefing, but did not get permission from Governor Desantis to go to the ground for a full day.” Misleading Tweets got tens of thousands of likes on the platform

On Sunday, DeSantis spokesman Christina Pushaw responded to the tweet, noting that Dreamer omitted important details from her tweet.

“This lacks an important context. @Hannah dreier never asked me for comment,” Pushaw said. Tweet.. “”[E]The merger response began within minutes of a disaster led by the amazing first responder Miami-Dade County.Mayor signs local emergency [declaration] 4:40 [and] Signed by @GovRonDeSantis [executive order] Within an hour “

Pushau also posted a document proving that the Miami-Dade County State of Emergency was not signed by Democratic Mayor Daniella Levine Cava more than 12 hours after the first collapse, until 4:33 pm Eastern Standard Time. .. DeSantis signed an emergency order within an hour at about 5:32 EST.

In addition, a local emergency response team was deployed immediately.

Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat and former director of the Florida Emergency Management Agency, was keenly critical of Dreyer’s tweet. “The former Florida director who voted for Biden below is 100% Malakey. FEMA would have deployed a federal-funded USAR team at @MiamiDade County. They were already there,” Moskowitz said. I have written..

Although there is no known link between the governor’s actions and the deterioration of the building, others seemed to blame Desantis for causing the collapse of the building. According to some reports, the developers of the condo tower were once accused of paying a permit to a local official.

“Let’s ask for deregulation, everyone!” Intercept journalist Ken Klippenstein wrote: twitter After calling attention to the “Florida de Legason” De Santis promoted in 2019. There is no known link between the regulations lifted by Desantis and the collapse of the building.

For Desantis advocates, it was just the latest example of “Desantis Confusion Syndrome.”

There is also a “De Santis Derangement Syndrome” Twitter account that records attacks on the governor, with nearly 40,000 followers.

In early June, activists tried to blame DeSantis after a truck was hit by a fatal accident at a pride event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Some including Fort. Dean Trantalis, Mayor of Lauderdale, immediately described the incident as a terrorist attack, but it turned out to be an unfortunate accident. Peter Schorsch, publisher of FloridaPolitics.com, seems to have blamed DeSantis for the incident because of him. Riot prevention bill And his recent bill on transgender athletes in girls’ sports. He later deleted his tweet.

The hashtag #DeathSantis was also popular on Twitter because users mistakenly linked DeSantis to an accident.

“As we now know, last night’s tragic event at the Wilton Manners #Pride Parade was not a domestic terrorist attack, but a toxic environment created by the laws of prejudice like @ GovRonDeSantis. [and] Encouragement of the Tard Empire administration fueled by Trump’s horror [and] #GQP has made it completely plausible, “writes columnist Leslie Abravanel. twitter June 20th.

Earlier this year, 60 Minutes implicitly accused the governor of DeSantis for giving Florida grocery chain Publix a favorable right to distribute vaccines in exchange for a $ 100,000 campaign donation. Delivered a critical report to. Democrats, including Mayor Dave Kerner of Palm Beach County, opposed the report.

“The report was intentionally false, not just based on bad information,” Kerner said. statement During April. “I offered to provide insights into Palm Beach County’s vaccination efforts, but I know this because” 60 Minutes “declined. To Publix and Palm Beach County, they know that the governor came to Palm Beach County, met with me and the county’s manager, and asked them to expand their state partnership. “

In response to that story, Desantis blew up a “corporate media agent.”

“They didn’t even deal with it because they knew they were caught, they just made these palatable statements, but I said” 60 Minutes “and the Americans. What I tell people is that they are very disdainful of what the viewers are trying to do, thus shining gas lights on them, “Desantis said.Fox & Friends.. “What do you know, admit that it was wrong. That is responsible behavior.”

Road to the White House: DESANTIS tops in early 2024 vote

DeSantis already has two prominent Democratic opponents, former Governor Charlie Crist and current Florida Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried, prior to the reelection bid.

Fried fueled former Florida health official Rebecca Jones, who used cable news and social media to impose pressure from the DeSantis administration to change state coronavirus data, but she The claim was hardly tolerated by scrutiny.

“Thanks to Rebecca Jones for not being afraid to speak up. With @ GovRonDeSantis [the Florida Department of Health] I will have to answer this. “

Jones quickly became a media darling through criticism of DeSantis, but since then her claim has collapsed. Former Democratic officials recently accused her of “running a disinformation campaign” and begged the media to stop oxygenating her claims. Jones remains innocent, but is accused of felony cybercrime for hacking state messaging services. She gained whistleblower status in late May.

Other DeSantis opponents have imposed unsupported claims that Florida’s COVID death toll is higher than actually reported as a way to criticize the governor’s stance on the blockade. But even the Washington Post said the story was simply not supported by facts.

“The fact that corporate media activists are creating lies and conspiracy theories to attack Governor DeSantis shows that they have no real criticism of his leadership. After all, the numbers are It speaks for itself: Florida’s economy is better than before Before the pandemic, Florida’s COVID mortality rate is lower than the national average, with about 900 Americans per day an oasis of freedom. “We will move to,” Pushaw, a spokeswoman for De Santis, told Fox News.

“Desantis deserves to acknowledge all these achievements, but the founding media tried to destroy him because the so-called” experts “proved to be wrong. But because the facts are on the side of Desantis, these unfounded political attacks have always backfired. The ridiculous example of DeSantis Derangement Syndrome further diminishes American confidence in media that is already at historic lows. “

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The governor also elicited personal attacks from celebrities in anticipation of a potential 2024 campaign.

“Governor Ron DeSantis, eat. You were one of the worst governors in Florida history, with Jeb Bush and Nosferatu. The country can’t handle any more capable Trump. So, DeSantis 2024 Let’s check. It won’t happen. ” twitter June 23rd.

“Trump was their great white dope. Now they are thinking of DeSantis. Great white nope,” wrote actor George Takei. twitter on Sunday.

The name DeSantis has repeatedly appeared at or near the top of the Republican 2024 presidential candidate list. Conservative voters’ voting results in early June spotlighted DeSantis’ appeal. According to the organizers of the conference, Desantis participated in the 2024 vote at the Western Conservative Summit, slightly bordering former President Donald Trump.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (center left) and Lieutenant Jeanette Núñez (center right) at a press conference on Thursday, June 24, 2021 near the scene where the wings of a 12-story seaside condominium building collapsed. Has arrived. Miami surfside area. (AP photo / LynnSladky)

A vote at the Summit hosted by the Centennial Institute of the University of Colorado Christians will approve those who attend the rally both directly and online from the 31 choices of both Republicans, the President of 2024. I asked you to vote for all the candidates. And the Democratic Party.

DeSantis, the first governor and Trump ally, who has become very popular among conservatives across the country for resisting the blockade of the coronavirus, received 74% approval, followed by the former president at 71%. .. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas with 43%, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with 39%, and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina with 36%, ranked in the top five in the vote.

Fox News’ Lindsay Kornick, Michael Ruiz, Paul Steinhauser, Brian Flood, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

“De Santis Derangement Syndrome” hits the media, Dems as 2024 approaches

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