DBU baseball team loses and misses College World Series

The Dallas Baptist University men’s baseball team lost to the University of Virginia 5-2 on Monday. If they win, they will be sent to Omaha.

Dallas-The Dallas Baptist University Men’s Baseball Team officially ended the season, losing 5-2 to the University of Virginia on Monday.

The “Winning” Super Regional game, held in South Carolina on Monday, was the third and final game between the two teams. DBU won the UVA in Super Regional on Saturday, beating the Cavaliers 6-5 for their first victory. UVA won the match on Sunday 4-0.

DBU held a watch party on campus to watch Game 3 on Monday. The opening ceremony was noon.

“They call us a small school, but we’re crazy about baseball,” said Hayden Kaywood, 22, a graduate student at DBU from Mansfield. “We love our team.”

“I’m crazy. That’s great,” said Ryan Wilson, 21, the next senior at DBU. “It’s great to see this kind of support on campus, especially on Mondays.”

When Jackson Glenn from Cedar Hill hit a two-run home run in the third inning, DBU was the first to get on the board.

The Patriots led the game up to seven times, with UVA hitting a two-out Grand Slam to lead 5-2.

That is the final score and the hope for DBU’s first trip to Omaha is over.

“That’s the reality. I’m disappointed, but I can’t be any more proud of these people,” Kaywood said. “They don’t just play baseball. They are good guys and they play in good schools.”

And fans are already excited next year.

“It’s great to see the DBU get together to support our peers,” said Kendir de Alana, senior of the upcoming DBU. “It’s a big deal, so remember this moment.”

“We are a Christ-centered education,” said David Collier, 20, a student at DBU. “Yes, help us understand that we are small, but we have a really high quality education, and quality students too.”

UVA will take over Tennessee in the College World Series.

DBU baseball team loses and misses College World Series

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