Danica Patrick posts a new photo of Bo and Kiss:’Better With You’


A retired racing driver posted an Instagram photo of Carter kissing lovingly at her temple while spending time on the beach, giving her new boyfriend Carter Comstock. to introduce.

Danica Patrick Apparently moved from the NFL star Aaron Rodgers.. More than eight months after saying she quit with her two-year boyfriend, a 39-year-old retired racing driver found her new love by introducing her new beauty through pictures of sweet beaches. I confirmed.

In an Instagram post on Friday, April 15th, we saw a former IndyCar winner wearing a minimalist black swimsuit that pulled back a brunette rock. One photo saw her taking a selfie on the beach, and the second photo showed her kissing in a temple from a new man. “Training on the beach is fun for one person, but better for you,” she wrote in the caption.

A sweet kiss to Danica is Carter Comstock, co-founder of the food preparation company Freshley. In the photo, he was caught shirtless and sweaty. Wearing a black hat and sunglasses, I saw my eyes closed behind my glasses.

In February, the Associated Press reported that both Danica and Carter became part of a group that invested in Beam, a direct-selling wellness brand known for its THC-free CBD products.This group also included all-star athletes Kevin Hayes And Brooks Reich..

Carter called himself a “curious health nut” when talking about starting a new business. In a 2019 Medium post, he wrote, “I’m not your traditional health expert, but just like you, a curious healthy nut that has tried everything.”

Carter is Danica’s first public boyfriend after breaking up with Aaron in July 2020.Aaron himself shocked his fans when he announced his engagement with the actress Shailene Woodley During the acceptance speech of the 2020AP Best Player at the NFL Honors Awards in February 2021.

“During the early April episodeWild running on a bare grill“Danika shared her thoughts on a relationship that seems to be a reference to her past relationship with Aaron, she said.

“But I learned a lot and felt so much joy in more examples and unlikely places than ever before, just as I did at the sad end,” she continues. I did. “So it seems that my mind is open to both ends of the spectrum.”

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