Dan Patrick calls for the murder of prisoners to be investigated

TEXAS – Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is calling for a Texas Rangers investigation into how convicted felon Gonzalo Lopez was able to escape while being transported and kill a family of five.

Patrick says he attended the funeral of Mark Collins and his four grandchildren last weekend. The family was traveling to their cabin in Leon County. López, who had been on the run for 21 days, killed them, stole their truck and then died in a shootout with police about 200 kilometers away in Atascosa County.

Patrick also said the cabin where Collins and his family were housed entered the home before the murders, but fingerprints and DNA results that matched the runaway offender did not return in time.

“This is a crime that has been avoided on several levels and should never have happened. My request for an investigation is not to blame, but to ensure that the TDCJ’s procedures and protocols are appropriate and always complied with. There must be responsibility. Patrick said.

Some questions you would like to investigate further include:

  • How did the prisoner, who was handcuffed and locked in a safe cage inside the prison bus, remove his handcuffs, escape from the cage and attack the driver?
  • How did the second guard at the back of the bus not see what was going on?
  • Was the inmate fully registered according to the required protocol before boarding the bus?
  • How was the escapee able to evade hundreds of police, bloodhounds and air patrols for several weeks?
  • Has the community been put on high alert after a hut near the Collins family hut broke down a few days before his murder?

“TDCJ has already announced and made effective changes immediately to its protocol for transferring dangerous criminals in the future. TDCJ is also conducting an internal investigation. However, I want an independent investigation into the leak and what happened during those 21 days that resulted to the murder of this beautiful family, “Patrick said.

He added that questions need to be answered so that no tragedy like this happens to another family.

Dan Patrick calls for the murder of prisoners to be investigated

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