Dan Bongino: I’m done with Biden’s ‘blame’ game, he can’t take responsibility for anything.

Fox News presenter Dan Bongino sued President Biden for his “wrong play” on the list of the nation’s problems Saturday night on “Unfiltered.”

DAN BONGINO: Joe Biden, he was like a kid. He can’t take responsibility for anything. This reminds me of what a little boy looked like when they were arrested. They offer a fair go. They make excuses. But we are not talking about a little boy or a little boy here, we are working with the president of the United States. He was the first in line to take responsibility here. You saw the whole thing “cut here”.

BIDEN has been ridiculed for its gas prices, jokingly: ‘Speaking out’


U.S. President Joe Biden spoke about inflation and the economy at the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus on May 10, 2022 in Washington, DC.

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But Biden’s complacency with this joy of criticism and criticism – is regrettable. Minamina. Remember Putin’s price hike? Remember the powerful corporations that refused to use their consent to weave and recruit Americans, remember all that? There are also reasons for that. As a result, the American oil and gas companies had permits that they could use, but they were reluctant to use them. Does anyone have an idea of ​​this?



Can this man stop judging people? Listen, this is not a serious answer because he is not a serious person. And this is an unjust administration. Listen, we’ve seen him thousands of times before the others. Joe Biden criticized the Trump administration for her pains and her pangs are fallen.


Even when Trump was careful, the left blamed him for everything. Despite the difficulties he did not have the power. Where does COVID come from? Trump is at fault. Is a crazy person going to shoot arrows? Of course Trump is at fault. Again, you see, thinking about this, it’s Trump’s fault when he’s driving, it’s Trump’s fault, even though he’s not responsible. With Trump running again in 2024, they are likely to blame him for problems that did not come. Just get ready. It was first heard here. Of course, not taking responsibility is a sign of a troubled person, it is not important or important to fix something.

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Listen, I don’t know much more [of] This economy and powerful Americans can bring this man. The wrong game, I’m done. The next number is on the ballot box.

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Dan Bongino: I’m done with Biden’s ‘blame’ game, he can’t take responsibility for anything.

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