Dallas owners vie for garbage tickets for city property

Dallas real estate owners say homeless people are leaving their tickets behind in Dallas city-owned real estate.

Dallas — Every morning, Marek Samadian says he found trash on his property.

According to him, it comes from a property owned by the city next to him, where homeless people have been camping for over a year.

The city cleaned it up a few weeks ago, but Sama Diane says he left the trash behind.

“We asked the city for help, but they didn’t help us,” Samadian told WFAA.

Samadian says there is a crew who cleans every morning. Still, he says the city struggled with him and wrote warnings and quotes.

“Why does the city do this to us when we can’t repair our property?” He asked.

Along the way, he has another fortune.

He said the city contractor left a traffic sign on his property, but the city was responsible for removing it. And he was given a $ 600 ticket as a small amount of trash. I did.

Samadian said there was no problem for homeless people. It just leaves some confusion.

“If the city puts dumpsters, trash cans, etc. for them,” he said.

When the WFAA asked the city for comment, law enforcement agencies appeared within 15 minutes. We asked how the city could offer littering tickets to real estate owners when real estate is cluttered.

The law enforcement officer replied, “Sorry, I can’t comment without further investigation, but I will investigate.”

Samadian says the city just wants to help the homeless. He doesn’t think he should be punished for problems that the city can’t deal with.

Dallas owners vie for garbage tickets for city property

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