Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic prepares for the opening round

The Mavericks will start its first season since 1997 without Rick Carlisle or Donnie Nelson.

DALLAS — A new era. Same goal.

“The key is to win the championship.”

If you thought Luka Doncic would say something different prior to the opening round of the Dallas Mavericks, you thought you were wrong.

When 22-year-old Phenom embarks on his fourth year in the NBA, he’s back in Las Vegas odds and loves to win the MVP Awards.

Personal admiration is drawn to the back-to-back All-Star Starter and Team 1 All-NBA Selection.

However, to win the league’s top individual awards, the team needs to be more successful than in the last three years.

Consecutive exits in the first round of the playoffs (both by the Los Angeles Clippers) reset the level of expectations.

Playoffs are no longer enough.

Advance at least The next step is one round.

With Doncic leading, the Euro step into the finals of the Western Conference is a realistic and achievable goal.

“We work backwards,” explained Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd. “It starts with that money [Larry O’Brien] Trophy. Championship. And all the individual things come with it. “

Kid hosted the Larry O’Brien Trophy in 2011 as a key person on the Mavericks Championship team.

This summer, Kid returned to Dallas to replace Rick Carlisle. Rick Carlisle is a Mavericks coach who played 10 years ago.

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Carlyle, now head coach of the Indiana Pacers, resigned shortly after Mavericks broke up with longtime general manager Donnie Nelson.

Nelson was later replaced by the new Mavericks GM Nico Harrison.

Entering the 2021-2022 season, the Mavericks will miss Rick Carlisle or Donnie Nelson for the first time since the 1997 PD (Pre-Dirk).

Carlyle was unable to win the playoff series as Mavericks won everything with a point guard kid.

The time has come for change.

Kid is a suspicious and, of course, scrutinized employer for a variety of reasons, but could unlock another gear in Doncic.

“He sees everything, so I’m trying to see what he doesn’t see,” Kid said.

Mavericks did nothing dramatic Change to a list.

They signed three-point specialists Reggie Bullock and Wing Defender Sterling Brown. They also added Frank Ntilikina, Moses Brown, and a few newcomers.

They will depend heavily on the Slovenian star and his Latvian companion.

Kristaps Porzingis is out, motivated to prove that he is still a unicorn.

The Mavericks exchanged for KP in 2019 to become the second-largest star after Doncic, but his play is inconsistent (or not enough) and suffers from injury bugs. many..

“My only hope is health and KP being himself,” Kidd said after Tuesday’s practice.

Porzingis is healthy and rarely goes under the new Mavericks administration, which appears to have a better system for leveraging his strengths rather than retrofitting him.

“He is now in a better place, especially mentally,” Doncic admitted. “You can see it in court. Everyone can see it.”

KP’s health and compatibility with Doncic are crucial to the success of the Mavericks this year.

The Mavericks will face Atlanta’s Trae Young and Hawks on Thursday night (6:30 pm CST).

Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic prepares for the opening round

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