Dallas man accused of illegally dumping thousands of tires

According to the Dallas Marshal office, surveillance cameras helped identify men who were throwing tires around Dallas and Ellis County. The probe is in progress.

Dallas-A man in Dallas has been arrested and charged with multiple felony charges for dumping thousands of old tires, officials said.

Investigators in the Office Environmental Crime Unit of Marshal Dallas have been working on the case for several months. They say the man they arrested was seen on surveillance cameras, covering different areas and returning to those places to throw away the tires.

“I’m starting to realize that there are the same suspects elsewhere,” said Sergeant Paul Steele.

According to investigators, most of the tires illegally dumped in the case were piled up in remote areas in southern Dallas.

The Dallas Marshal Office has worked with the Dallas Code Enforcement and Hygiene Department to collect evidence and clear the site. This is a costly process and also constrains public resources.

“This is one of the longest, but still the most productive cases we’ve been working on,” said the investigator.

Such illegal dumping is a problem that Deputy Marshal sees throughout the city of Dallas.

According to data, the Dallas Marshal office collected £ 1,038,212 of illegally dumped debris last year, removed more than 7,000 tires, investigated 1,234 cases and arrested 275 people.

Marshal Dallas Gary Lindsey said reports from community members helped.

“I really want to encourage them to call at 311 as they warn CODE and the Marshal office about problems in the community,” Marshal Lindsey said.

Investigations are underway on this dumping case. The deputy marshal said the suspect was also facing a felony dumping charge in Ellis County. They said the probe could extend to local tire shops.

“The city of Dallas will be prosecuted and you will go to jail,” Sgt said. Steel.

Dallas man accused of illegally dumping thousands of tires

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