Dallas football fans are looking forward to seeing the return of the 2026 World Cup

DALLAS – The Lone Star State will have two host cities for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, which will generate a lot of excitement for what awaits Dallas in Houston in the coming years.

For Gilbert Aguilar, he reaffirms that there are many football fans in the North Texas region.

“We’re going to have a chance to show the rest of the world that we’re football fans too,” Aguilar said.

The last time Dallas hosted World Cup games was in 1994. Six games were held at Cotton Bowl Stadium in Fair Park.

It was that World Cup where Aguilar fell in love with the sport. Aguilar says that when he went to the games with his family, he saw the “passion, the parade, the drums, all those things, and I was mesmerized like, ‘Wow, this is really something.'”

Gilbert Aguilar with his memories of the World Cup matches. (New Spectrum 1)

Nearly thirty years later, Aguilar collected a series of memories of American football. During that time, he attended countless U.S. men’s and women’s soccer games, traveled the world, and joined the American Outlaws, a group of fans of the United States men’s and women’s national teams.

“Here are the actual tickets I used when we went to the World Cup in 1994,” Aguilar said, pointing to each ticket that was pinned to a board.

1994 entries by Gilbert Aguilar. (Spectrum News 1)

It is this love and passion that forced Aguilar to take his grandson, Caleb, to the AT&T Discovery District on June 16, to learn that Dallas would be the headquarters in 2026.

Officials at FC Dallas and Host City Bid say the parties could bring in nearly $ 400 million in revenue to DFW. They also predict that it will generate thousands of jobs.

However, Professor Michael Davis, an economics expert at Southern Methodist University, says such projections are historically inflated.

“It’s fun to have. We should be happy to get them, but we shouldn’t expect them to make a lot of economic difference one way or the other,” Davis said.

Davis says he has read numerous research papers showing that the fiscal impact of a World Cup is usually minimal or temporary.

“You just don’t see any long-term impact on the data,” Davis noted.

Aguilar believes the 2026 World Cup will help football culture grow to new heights in Texas.

“If you have the opportunity to go and watch a World Cup match, do it. You will thank me later,” said Aguilar.

A piece of advice that Aguilar plans to take for himself. Although the success of the USMNT will be in the air in 2026, Aguilar knows that he and his family will be on the stands cheering them on.

Dallas football fans are looking forward to seeing the return of the 2026 World Cup

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