Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott anticipates run game resistance

The Dallas Cowboys are the NFL’s second in the rushyard per game, targeting Ezekiel Elliott’s back in the sixth week’s match against New England.

One of the hallmarks of confronting Dallas — Bill Belichick is that the New England Patriots coach identifies what the team is best at and emphasizes removing it.

It was a hasty attack that played an active part in the Dallas Cowboys’ four consecutive wins. We believe that Ezekiel Elliott’s running back is one aspect of the Patriots defense working to eliminate.

“We are ready,” Elliott said. “We’re going to do whatever we need. They haven’t seen us yet. We expect them to load the boxes and focus more on the run.”

Elliott produced 5.57 yards per carry in the first down of the season. This is the second best running back with at least 30 first down carry. Tony Pollard leads with 7.13 yards per carry on the first down. If aggressive coordinator Keren Moore knows this, so does Belichick.

Regardless of the sideline-to-sideline football intelligence clash on Sunday, Elliott is in action for the game, and the Cowboys are as impressive as 34.0 points per game, a great team like New England. I know that has a vulnerability that can be exploited.

“I think I’ve made some mistakes in the last few weeks, but I wouldn’t be able to make those mistakes for this team,” Elliott said. “They are very basically healthy. They give you some different looks. They have a lot of linebackers who can also play D-line, so they move their guys a bit. So you need to make sure you are a little extra this week in your playbook and your movie. “

The Cowboys last faced New England on November 24, 2019 at Gillette Stadium. It was a cold and rainy game that forced Elliott to change gloves many times, but the Patriots’ defense had to do with limiting the two NFL lashing champions to 86 yards with 21 carries. bottom.

Elliott said: “They are one of the most difficult defenses I’ve faced in terms of what they do and how they disguise coverage. It’s not that simple at all. One of the most complex defense schemes I’m about to play. The biggest thing we can see this year is to stay in the movie and make sure we’re in overtime. “

The success of the run game is based on the cohesion of the attack lines. Throughout the five games, the Cowboys have averaged a rush of 172.8 yards per game, making them the second best in the NFL.

“O-line, they’re beating the guys in advance. You’re also beating the receiver on the DB,” Elliott said. “Everyone is in. Everyone is playing their part and we are enjoying the benefits.”

Cowboys have to play their part at 60:00 because sledding is difficult in run games in New England.

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Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott anticipates run game resistance

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