Dallas Cowboys eventually find their guy at LB Micah Parsons

After the top target left the board, the Dallas Cowboys dropped back the Pennsylvania centlinebacker Micah Parsons before grabbing them in their first round pick in the NFL Draft.

Dallas — After months of speculation, after a knowledgeable guess about who the Dallas Cowboys would choose for the 10th pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, the team finally picked there. did not do it.

Dallas chose to drop out of 10th place by trading with rival Philadelphia Eagles to take 12th place overall after the top target cornerbacks were selected before making the choice. On the twelfth pick, the Cowboys chose Micah Parsons, a talented linebacker at Pennsylvania State University.

In Parsons, Dallas is getting the help of the ball defenders they desperately needed after having one of the worst units in football last year. The Cowboys are the penultimate ranking for last season’s run, and Parsons will provide immediate assistance on the front lines.

The Cowboys were rumored to be interested in one of the draft’s top cornerbacks, but Dallas scrambled when Jaycee Horn and Patrick Sirtain II went to picks 8 and 9, respectively. .. In a rare deal with the Eagles, the Cowboys won an additional third round selection (84th overall), retreating only two.

When the team returned to the watch with pick No. 12, the Cowboys options were similar. The choice seems to have come down to Northwestern University’s aggressive lineman, Rashawn Slater or linebacker Parsons.

As expected, the team went with the help of the defense.

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Parsons opted out of the Nittany Lions 2020 season and was one of the best defensive players in college football in 2019. Parsons has the size, speed and athletic ability to chase the ball carrier from sideline to sideline.

Due to the shortage of Cowboys linebackers, Parsons probably makes sense after the recent retirement of solid Sean Lee. He was the best LB in the draft, and Layton Vander Esch struggled to stay healthy for the first three years in the NFL, so Parsons put the Cowboys in case Vander Esch was injured again. I’m covering.

Parsons is now in the LB room with Vander Esch and Jaron Smith to create a young athletic trio. The Cowboys also brought in a former full-time safety Keanu Neal to play a hybrid role in defense. It will be a powerful foursome for defense that was routinely struggling to keep a good player on the field in that position.

With the addition of Parsons, Cowboys are unlikely to choose a fifth-year option at Vanderesh. Van der Esch has the potential to play here as a long-term replacement possibility for the next season’s next deal with Parsons.

Parsons is a run game sampler, a great blitzer, and has registered five sack during his sophomore season in Pencent, where Parsons is struggling. This is a problem with the NFL today. He also had discipline and personality issues at college. There, he was the subject of a hazy scandal allegedly harassing his teammates.

This pick talks about who the Cowboys ended up giving, and, as well as about Parsons, about dealing with division’s rivals. The Cowboys handed the Eagles a Heisman Trophy-winning weapon at Devonta Smith. This is a player who plays twice a year. After missing a cornerback, it’s not an ideal situation.

Dallas also avoided Slater players who could fix the attack line for years to come.

There is no doubt that the Cowboys needed defensive help. Parsons should play a big role in rebuilding that side of the ball. The choice protects against injury and the talent level brings players who can affect as a two-down LB.

If Parsons could improve their coverage skills, the cowboy would appear to have landed a player with the potential for a Pro Bowl, and in the process could win an additional third round pick.

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Dallas Cowboys eventually find their guy at LB Micah Parsons

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