Dallas Bar Invites Mariah Carey After Sign Becomes Viral

Dallas’ iconic “Stoneley P” bar made a serious headline this week after a jukebox note was talked about banning songs until at least December 1.

Dallas — The Dallas bar, which has existed since 1973, offered to Mariah Carey after becoming viral in November because she didn’t allow her to play “You Only Want Christmas” in the jukebox. doing. I lifted it.

At least general manager Laura Garrison told WFAA until next year.

Stoneley P, located in Maple near the Stoneley Hotel, was popular on Twitter last week when a user posted a photo of a note in a jukebox stating that “only you want Christmas”. It became a name. December only.

Still, there are caveats.

“Mariah Carey You are the only one who wants CHRSITMAS If you play before December, it will be skipped. 1.1. After December 1st, this song is only allowed once a night, “reads a sign taped to the bar’s jukebox.

National Review critic tweeted photo Of the sign of October 22nd.

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Carrie was kind enough to respond, With tweets featuring singers dressed in battle After another Twitter user jokingly asked if the sign was part of the Christmas (non-genuine) war.

WFAA visited Garrison in Stoneley on Wednesday night to talk about a grenade unknowingly thrown by Twitter Christmas fans celebrating the November and December holidays.

Garrison signed up himself, cheerfully admitted that Christmas was misspelled, and said the bar had rules for years.

“Of all we could know, this is it,” Garrison said with a laugh.

“I applied for the same thing every year, and now I can use the Internet this year.”

Simply put, Garrison said Bar would like to thank people for November and start preparing for Christmas, not Halloween, at least after Thanksgiving.

And while Garrison is drawn to the popular question, “When is it right to prepare for Christmas?”, Her point of view is unpopular.

Carrie’s “Only You Want for Christmas” reappeared on the music charts shortly after the beginning of November.

“We don’t ban it. We’re just skipping it until December,” Garrison said.

“Everyone tags me in a meme and asks if I’m ready for a fight and who has my money. That’s nonsense, but that’s what it is. . ”

However, there were some negative backlashes. According to Garrison, some people have left bad reviews of the bar on Yelp and Google in response to viral news.

“People also asked us why we didn’t play it,” Garrison laughed.

After all, Garrison said the rules are rules, and when someone plays a song, it’s skipped on the bar’s remote control, even though it’s viral.

But Garrison does offer trading.

If Carrie stops at the bar, Garrison will sign down. She even talked about holding karaoke parties and even inviting carry.

“Maybe she will come,” Garrison said.

Crazy things happened.

Dallas Bar Invites Mariah Carey After Sign Becomes Viral

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