Dallas Apartment Explosion: Residents Discover SUV Torched

Roshunda Tilly was expelled from his Dallas apartment after an explosion at the Highland Hills complex on September 29.

Dallas — Thursday was another day when another unfortunate problem broke out at Oak Cliff’s Highland Hills apartment. Residents have been evacuated after the explosion last month.

This time, residents said the vehicle was torched overnight.

“This is crazy,” said Roshunda Tilly, who found her SUV burning.

Tilly said her neighbor called her while she was working and she hurried home to see the damage.

On Wednesday, Tilly and other residents went home to find their apartment looted and robbed.

“They kicked my door,” Tilly said Wednesday. “Everything is gone.”

Many Highland Hills tenants are staying at hotels due to the damage caused by the September 29 explosion. After gas leaks and explosions were reported and four firefighters were injured, Atmos and other crew members are still working on repairing the building inside the complex. And the other three.

Tilly’s car was burned just one day after she and other residents reported an intrusion in their apartment.

They told police that TVs, jewelry, electronics and weapons had been stolen. Tenants said they didn’t know if the vandalism and SUV fire were retaliation against a neighbor talking about robbery or an opportunity crime.

Police were patrolling the area on Thursday, and police said the apartments were safe. However, residents of Highlands Hills said they were only aware of the security of their sister facility across the street.

Property management has not commented on this week’s incident. Some residents said they just wanted to move on without penalty because they no longer feel safe.

“No one is talking [reporters], And no one helps us, “Tilly said. Let us go and find a place to go somewhere. If I had to deal with this every day, I couldn’t. “

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Dallas Apartment Explosion: Residents Discover SUV Torched

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